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Simpson College is a small, community-based liberal school. They make you feel at home and not thrown into the mix of big school life. You get help when you need it at all times of the day.


I think my school has a unique location. It is located in Indianola, Iowa where the population is approximately 13,000. Therefore, one feels like they live in a fairly small town. However, it is just twelve miles from Iowa's capital city, DesMoines, and close to many of Iowa's other larger cities. DesMoines offers things that many big cities offer, and we can go visit them but still return to a campus that is nestled in a much smaller community.


Simpson is small enough so that you don't feel lost. But big enough to not feel like high school. The class sizes range form 6-30ish so there is a variety. The social groups on campus are great and there are plenty of ways for everyone to get invovled and thrive. Simpson has a beautiful campus, with brick buildings that make it pretty at any time of the year. There are just so many possibilities and it feels as though I am connected to people on campus, I don't think I could get that at a state school.


The school that I attend is very unique because it has great programs and it is less than ten minutes away from Des Moines. The community that our college is in is superb with the college students. There are so many activites that you can get involved in without feeling scared or anxious about joining. The athletics are growing rapidly and more than half of the students participate in all athletics. There is so much to do on this campus at all times they have people coming in to entertain.


The classes are small, but we have just as many activities and extra curriculars as big schools.


The other school I was considering took forever to get my financial aid package information to me. Otherwise they were pretty comparable--small campus, small student:professor ratio. I also think Simpson is different than most other schools (not only the others I considered) in its concern with service and helping everyone.


There's just something about Simpson. I think it has to do with the people. I've never felt unwanted or like I was another number.

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