Simpson University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school id known for being religious.


My school is best known for private religious school. I like that because I am a religious person and like being able to have a choice. It also offers several fast track programs such as the ASPIRE program that I want to go through where you are on a fast track and can do your degree in 14 months.


Supreme education that fits individual lives to meet their goals. Teachers that really care about your success and want to bring about an era of new education.


Our school has a giant psychology program, as well as a big business program. Outdoor leadership is a major offered here as well. Other than having amazing majors, faculty, and students, our school is known for the environment. The love of Christ is evident here, and one will not feel unwanted at Simpson.


Building a strong community of Christ-centered followers who are active in their communities, willing to make a difference, and responsible citizens. Students in this school have gone on to succeed in many fields. The majority of students go on to be involved in missions or cross-cultural work, where they make a difference all over the globe, which is one of the main focuses of Simpson's lifestyle. Students are responsible for themselves and for each other, and form a loving, caring network for the student in need.


Simpson University is best known for it's whole-hearted commitment to Christ, Christian education; the raising up of academically advanced, holistically educated, honest Christian men and women for world service, ministry, and many different careers!


Simpson University is best known for it's education in accord with the faith of the student body (christianity), as well as our business, education, and liberal arts programs. Simpson University is also well known for producing a graduate who later started the band "The Myriad" who won an MTV Band competition and is now touring across the United States with a very successful starting career in the industry of music. Simpson also has some newer programs, such as the Youth Ministry, Biology, and Pre-Nursing undergraduate programs.