Simpson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person seeking excellence within a small, yet beautiful campus, possessing small classrooms, passionate professors, and a loving community should attend Simpson University. Simpson is fully accredited through WASC and CCCU, and therefore provides a degree equal to a public post-secondary education institution.


A person who has the eagerness to learn and a goal set mind that he/she will not stop until they reach the top one who demonstates self displine.


Someone who wants to live in a Christ-centered community.


There is no specific person that should attend this school. They should just be the type that enjoys knowing almost each individual they walk by and enjoys small campus life.


A person with leadership qualities.


Someone who prefers a smaller and community college setting. Also someone who prefers smaller classes. If you are someone who enjoys nature and the outdoors, this is the perfect place to be because the campus is beautiful, and it also helps that the university is located in a town where there are lakes and mountains closeby where there are much recreational activities to do (fishing, snowboarding). Also, it is a christian based university so if you are looking for a place where you can build your relationship with Christ, this university will definitely be able to help you with that.


A Christian who is interested in living out their faith throughout their life.