Simpson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Not all courses are available in the bookstore.


The food is not very good and it really sucks after I played soccer for 3 hours and want something good to eat. Especially since Im really broke and cant go buy good food. They are working on making the cafe better. Hope its sooner then later!


Nothing much fustrating. Maybe that there is a lot of rain?


Well, considering the fact that I am attending a Junior College there is a lot of things that frusturate me. First, most of the student that attend Mount San Jacinto Community College barely finished highschool, so they give little effort in class and really do not even try at all. Secondly, the classrooms are often too small, dirty or electronically in the "stone age". It would be refreshing if they updated the classrooms.


It's expensive, and the internet quality (it fails occasionally and is slow fairly often) is frustrating. Also, for how much you pay for a meal plan, the quality of food is sub-par in some areas, and there's not much variety. Academics is not the school's main focuses, so academics are merely average.


The campus it self lacks the number of students and finaces to expand their facitilities due to mediocer enrollment. it would be nice to have a few more students so we could afford the facilities we really need. it would be wonderful if we could have a reall weight room too, the current one is not adaquate.


There is not enough money to go around right now, so people are being put into pressure filled positions that they shouldn't be in.