Simpson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Everyone seems to be professional and genuinely interested in the best possible educational experience. I was impressed by the admission process and the enrollment advisor. Also, financial aid and other administrative functions have been extremely efficient.


The commuinty is the best aspect of my campus. We are a smaller school but have a multitude of opportunities to come together to hangout, study, worship, and participate in fun campus events. The surrounding city also recognizes the Simpson University community by how people interact with our students. Without such a close and tight-knit university I would have never experienced the incredible life-long friendships I now have.


The really care about each individual and want to see each person succeed. They spend ample time working with each student to help them aspire to their goals.


I love the fact that it is a Christian school that fosters learning how to use our spiritually gifts in the world around us. Unlike high school where each group of kids was placed in a class system everyone at Simpson is treated the same. Kids do not get special treatment based on athletic skills or how much money their parents give.


The flexibility of the ASPIRE Program.


The community offered on campus really brings in the students. Professors really seem to care about their students and often times are willing to meet them where they're at. The dorm life is fun and very based on community life.


The close, family-like atmosphere put on my the small campus. The focus on growing and knowing God's love and what He has caled us to do.