Sinclair Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I haven't really gotten to meet any of my classmates yet, but it's a very diverse community.


They are respectful of others, pay attention in class, friendly with their classmates. They come to school prepared. They get along with others and to work as a team, whether on classroom projects or in sports. They are on time and obey the rules.


my classmates are friendly and helpful. There is a wide range of diveristy amoung us (race, religion and opinions)


Sinclair is open to anyone and everyone who wants an education. My classmates have varied highly in age, skin color, personal and military background, and there are easily as many of one gender as there are of the other. I have never sensed any racial tension, and everyone acts fairly equal in the classroom.


My classmates are diverse, interesting, and cheer each other on.