Sinclair Community College Top Questions

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Sinclair has a wonderful reputation for being a "practical" education. A lot of the Faculty is adjunct which gives the students real world knowledge. I am excited to learn what the career I have chosen will really be like.


the low tuition


The fun cafeteria. It has a unique variety of food and small stations spread out throughout the campus. Another thing is the tunnel system. Living in Ohio our winters are freezing cold with snow all the time. With tunnels connecting all of the buildings, we keep not only warm, but also dry when it rains.


It is close to home and inexpensive compared to other local colleges, despite the fact that it is reputed to have very high-quality education programs. There are plenty of places on campus to work, eat, relax, or use equipment one might not have at home, and the atmosphere is very open and friendly.


I have considered any other school started at sinclair community college and had no reason to look else where.


Something unique at Sinclair is that there is a variety of cultures. I love being able to walk through the different buildings and not just see one specific type of person but instead see many different kinds of people. It makes school more enjoyable and makes for a better classroom setting in my opinion.


The main attribute I love about Sinclair is that it feels like a second home. The campus is small and quaint, where students don't often feel lost due to large campus and class sizes in the hundreds. Personally, the largest class I've had at Sinclair was in the thirty's. Another main characteristic that I love about the institution is that most people there can relate with one's major, especially for those students in a transfer module or planning on getting their Associates Degree. Unlike many schools, students have full power when it comes to scheduling classes.