Sinclair Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I really don't brag about anything. I tell them how amazing it is to even have a chance at attending school. Even though it might not be my dream school, I am still going to school and I appreciate the fact that I can recieve the same education as if I were to attend a prestigious university.


The versatility of the school is great. I love that mostly all of the campus is connected, so even on when the weather is bad outside it's still comfortable. Everything from the gym to the cafateria and even the library are all great places to meet and network with people. The teachers and administration staff are all human, what I'm saying is Sinclair Community College is not just a job it's thier life. It just feels good being on Campus.


I think most about my finances and being able to pay for books. Since i don't have finanial aide its harder for me to pay for my schooling and books and at times it gets a bit frustrating.