Sinclair Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part of Sinclair Community College is that it is only a two-year institute. This comes from an economic and emotional perspective. The price is excellent for individuals who cannot afford the average four-year university. Meanwhile, the professors and extra-curricular activities are immeasurably valuable. The instructors do everything in their power to improve your practical skills of communication, leadership, and team cooperation while also teaching the material. Whatever work you put into this institution, you will have reciprocated in ten fold. Many people look at community colleges as being "less than" universities, but I will forever be thankful to Sinclair Community College and all the professors, instructors, and fellow students who have contributed to my journey.


The financial aid department is hard to work with sometimes and not very easy to get in contact with.


Since it is a community college there does not seem to be much campus life. All of the students live off-campus, so this contributes to this feeling as well.


I think that the worst thing about Sinclair Community College is the horrible traffic and parking.


The professors. They have no desire to teach nor do they get their point across. One professor of mine will tell stories the entire class and will answer the most absured questions. They do not know how to teach the inormation they know.


I really like most things about Sinclair. One issue I have had though is the unprofessional attitude of some of the counselors. Some, but not all by any means, have a way of making you feel that any question you ask is an inconvenience and ridiculous.


I love the school. I DOnt have any issues with the school personally. I just wish the school as closer to me. I live in cincinnati and the campus is in dayton and its a 45 minute drive