Sinclair Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing I have encountered during my time at Sinclair would be the lack of a "college experience". Sinclair has many different students of all ages and backgrounds, but it seems that most the students simply want to hurry through their education. I feel as though the rushing mentality has slightly robbed me of a full college experience.


Conflicting classes frustrate me to no end. It?s difficult to find classes, especially in Art that can be manipulated to include other courses in the day. This quarter I had to give up on a class because another class wasn?t available at any other time. Another thorn in my side is traveling down to the main campus. It?s a long ride through the dense traffic on the interstate. Despite these problems, I enjoy Sinclair. The teachers and the learning outweigh the annoyances.


The most frustrating thig about my school is the fact that most teachers could careless if you pass thier classes or not. They do not spend time explaining and going over issues that may arise while doing work for the classes.


The fact that attendance has an impact on your grades. especially since the school does not provide housing and when you live an hour away sometimes you will be late and I do not like that because of that your grade can suffer.


Parking can sometimes be a problem at Sinclair. Being in downtown Dayton, you are relegated to pay meters on the street, or the parking lots/garage, which can fill up quickly.


a lot of communication is done through the internet, including grades.