Skagit Valley College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about all the services avalible to me and all the ways I could get involved with the commuity. I could have done more with my time, but overall I am still really happy with my expiriece.


That the Financial Aid Department was awful. Very behind the times in efficiently processing applications and very unaccessible for students. Staff can be quite unfriendly and condescending towards students needing help. I would compare my experiences with the Financial Aid Office to getting your Driver's License renewed at the DMV.


more on classes thery offer


I wish that when i was in high school i would have tried harder so that i could have gotten into a better school. i woud have listen better about taking notes and i would have took classes seriously. Now that im in college i feel like i have to work that much harder to keep up


The biggest advice I could give someone is: No one is going to hold your hand. You have to ask questions and use the school departments to help you. For example, get to know your advisor/school counselor right away. They have wisdom that can save you stress, money and make the experience more enjoyable. Scheduling your classes as soon as practicable is also essential. This allows you to obtain the classes you need (including the prerequisites) at the times you need them. Mixing up your schedule with difficult and easy classes will help you pace yourself and stick around.