Skidmore College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Skidmore College is a progressive and environmentally conscious community that praises academic dedication and creative thought in all disciplines.


Skidmore's campus is absolutely beautiful. In the warmer months, it is lush and green, while it can be completely covered in snow during the winter. Most of campus is taken up by an large area of woods the size of Central Park known as Northwoods. Most of the buildings are made of brick, and are set upon a beautiful upstate New York backdrop. One of my favorite spots on campus is down by Haupt Pond, which is a small body of water we have on campus. We have a large green near the pond that students regularly hang out on, and our annual Fun Day takes place on this green.


Built primarily in the 70s, Skidmore is a monument to brutalist architecture in the woods. There are several open greens with bright green grass in the spring, and piles of snow in the winter. Buildings are generally brick or cement, many with vines growing up them. Our dining hall and music center are especially beautiful pieces of modern architecture, linking the landscape to the building and its uses. The buildings don't compete with the landscape whether it is the wide greens or the lightly forested areas of campus, it seems natural the way the paths were designed to flow with the slopes of the campus.


My school is a small college that emphasizes creativity in an environment that is relaxed and quiet.


Skidmore College exemplifies the ideal liberal arts institution because it enables students to develope critical thinking skills through hands on work, projects, independent studies, lectures or discusions, while providing a terrific social scene for all of its students in extra-curriculum activities, parties, the dining hall, and dorm life.


Creative thought matters.


Skidmore is a liberal campus that is happiest and most bountiful with its nicer weather.


Skidmore is a liberal environment that encourages its students to think outside the box. Skidmore enriches its students by having them take a variety of classes in different departments and encourages them to think how they can help the world.


Skidmore 's campus is beatiful, its student body ranges from ecclectic to mainstream, and its faculty is accessible because it wants to see its students succeed; when you're there you have to try to be bored because there is always something to do.


Skidmore is a small, liberal arts college with great professors, amd strong departmens; is located ithe small town of Saratoga Springs, which includes wonderful resterants and many fun bars.


Skidmore is an amazing enviornment filled with amazing professors and great people.




a drive through Saratoga Springs

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