Skidmore College Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Dorm rooms at Skidmore are huge. They are pretty much very uniform, but that creates an opportunity for students to get creative with decorating! (Almost) every room has a window seat, which is great for people-watching, contemplating, and doing homework. The majority of dorms are suite-style, which means that there are two either doubles or triples and two singles united around a common bathroom. The high number of singles means that, as a sophomore, it is very easy to live in a single. There are also two sets of apartment-style housing for students, primarily for juniors and seniors. The junior housing is in the process of being completely renovated, and the senior housing is nicer than any housing you'd find in Saratoga Springs, which is a beautiful town. Thus, this campus is very residential. Social life revolves around dorms and apartments and the friends you make there. Additionally, first-year students are housed according to their first-year seminars, a class that every student is required to take. More than one seminar lives in each residence hall, but it means that you get to know these students very well—I am still good friends with many kids from my seminar.


Housing a guaranteed all four years and the dorms are spacious and comfortable. The dorms are suite style so bathrooms are never shared with more than 8 people. Suites are single-gender though the floors are both male and female. There is also gender neutral housing in one of the dorms. Every dorm room contains a window seat which is one of my favorite little details about the school.

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