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On the whole, Skidmore is a great college with a majority of nice folks that are creative, smart, and open minded. However, there are a few individuals that choose to represent Skidmore at the worst of times. I cannot stress the importance of ignoring these individuals.


I have loved my three years at Skidmore and will be sad to see it go after I graduate next year. Don't let stereotypes be the only way you hear about our campus. Check out the schools website and talk to a student they have the real answers.


It was nice.


Skidmore truly is an academic environment with a strong commitment to creative thought. All of the teachers, professors and teaching assistants are strongly commited tosupporting academic excellence. In addition there is a campus wide commitment to social causes for the benefit of all mankind.


What isn't unique about my school? Individuality is cherished and welcomed. The campus and school as a whole are there for us to utilize in our own creative ways.


A documentary film that follows seven Skidmore College education majors as they travel to the island of Antigua


lots of pretty ppl


I like Skidmore :)


The Skidmore community is different for ever student depending on their interests. When I visited the campus for the first time, I felt at home, like I belonged in the area and at the college. I highly recommend visiting in the middle of the winter to see what most of the school year will be like. It gets cold, but it makes the Spring that much better.


too many white kids, too much pressure to go out on weekends, but overall a great school.


yeah we drink and smoke pot...but it's not a big deal if you don't


420 is absolutely amazing. The liberal environment allows for the more conservative of people to dip their toe into the pool of leftist though without burning their vera bradleys or popped collars. The tuition is worth, but you have to assist in making it worth those 50Gs


If you love sports and/or school spirit don't come to Skidmore.


Skidmore is a big smoking school. Don't be afraid, or turned down by this. If anything, it is a learning and growing experience.


If you are thinking of going to skidmore i suggest doing an overnight visit with a friend if you know someone who already attends or atleast make a trip up to saratoga springs to see the town. Its a hit or miss school, some love it some hate it.


Skidmore's very eccentric and it definately attracts a certain type of student; although its diverse in terms of personalities, most students are definately liberal, open-minded, and have a hippie-flare to them.


SKidmore is probably one of the best choices I ever made. I find its a good balance of academics and social activities amongst the student body. We party, but we are also a very serious campus that cares about alot of issues in the world and news today. I believe that the average skidmore student is a B+ student if not higher. We are a very passionate campus and the shcool has done a great job of helping us discover our goals and passions and giving us every oulet to achieve them.


Skidmore is AMAZING. The people are great and the experience is one I am so glad to be apart of. HOWEVER, if marijuana and alcohol make you uncomfortable, this is probably not the place for you.


Where have all the hippies gone????


I'm tired of the people here.


the theatre department is shit, here.


In general, as you have probably gathered from my previous comments, I hate this school and, if it was a person, I would wish tortuous, murderous death upon it. (I swear I'm not as much of a douchebag as I sound like in this survey, but I am extremely cynical). You should consider my comments as "another perspective" on Skidmore.


Skidmore rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hardly anyone transfers, except if they want to live in the city...and I don't know why you would want to do that, unless you are incredibly pretentious and can't bare to part with New York City or whatever.


If you are ambitious about anything people look like you as if you just grew another head. It's disheartening that very few people on this campus want to move towards something great. and those very few are looked down upon. I've never heard of alumnae connections here at all.


Our dining hall is pretty awesome... the food is decent, and there's always variety. All in all, Skidmore is just a great place to be.


I think overall, Skidmore is an amazing, amazing place. As soon as I stepped foot on that campus I knew it was right for me. Of course, I know people who have transferred. It wasn't right for them, and that's true, Skidmore is not right for some people. Most people I know are in love with it. I think that if what I have written has intrigued you, go check Skidmore out! I guarantee that when you step foot on that campus, you will be met with smiling faces and welcome arms. I hope that you love it as much as I do.


Don't go here if you want a competitive, high-pressure, job-focused environment. Skidmore students are more concerned with becoming well-rounded, creative human beings than getting the highest paying job after graduation. Focus is on the individual.


Skidmore is an interesting place. I have thought of transferring many times, but don't feel like starting over. However, once you find people you can trust & understand you, you will feel at home here.


The faculty of Skidmore is amazing, but the administration is completely out of touch with the students and faculty. The comprehensive plan of the College is absolutely absurd and their policies make the school a very frustrating place to be.


Skidmore is a fun school, but it is not perfect


damn this survey


Skidmore is pretty sweet. I'm excited to become a tour guide next year.


The Riding Team is Skidmore's most competitive athletic team. The program is amazing, and the team frequently goes to Nationals and does well.


SKIDMORE ROCKS idiots pull the fire alarm pretty often, especially when there's a big dance on campus & people are plastered. Skidmore drunks are funny, Skidmore stoners are hilarious. Our drinking department has a theater problem =D


Whoo I can do everything I want here. I publish my bullshit stories and poetry. Pretend to understand science and nearly fail out of physics class, draw and paint even though I have no idea what I'm doing. Sing and play with a band every weekend even though I am drunk and cannot stand. Above all though I can chill in my living room with a massive bottle from the Saratoga brewery and talk shit all night with the fascinating rabble of screwed up individuals that pass through my door.

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