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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Commonly, the stereotype of students at many small liberal arts colleges is similar: Caucasian, privileged students who don't work as hard as they should. At Skidmore, this couldn't be farther from the truth. I am so impressed by the school's emphasis on embracing all types of diversity—through opportunity programs, admissions counselors' emphasis on international students, and the clubs and classes at the school. Skidmore is unique among comparable schools because of this emphasis, and I think that most visiting students recognize this difference when comparing Skidmore to similar schools.


No. The student diversity on campus is satisfying, to suggest that it is not would be misleading.


Skidmore's student body is not as diverse as some schools that are in more urban locations, but in comparing Skidmore to other peer schools we match up quite well. The fact that there is dialogue on campus about the lack of diversity puts us ahead of many peer schools that don't even question the disparity in diversity. Nearly half the student body receives grant money from the college to attend partially debunking the all rich students myth. As for drug use Skidmore is no more extreme then any other college campus and while the reputation is of a drug school students are extremely intellectual and learning goes on beyond the classroom.


The latter three of these describe that vast majority of Skidmore students accurately.


To some extent, there is a considerable minority at Skidmore consisting of wealthy marijuana smokers, but the majority of the student body is intelligent and intellectually diverse.


there's a mix between hipsters and hippies and people who don't fall into a category. it's a good mix. there's probably the same amount of drug use and alcohol use as at any other college, but 4/20 is a big deal. Definitely an intelligent, creative crowd.


heh..pretty much yeh.


some times. Fair amount of students which dont fall under these categories either.


These pretty much sum up a majority of the Skidmore population. At the very least, rich and liberal are pretty much dead on! Being the opposite of these characteristics, I really notice it.


A lot of peopl do smoke, both cigarettes and pot. Not everyone fits into those categories, but both of those groups are big on campus.


yes, people tend to hang out in a certain group and don't like to get involved with different people (outside of their comfort zone) and therre are a good number of people that act kind of prudish, but not as many as you would think


For some of the population I think it is true, but there is more variety than people talk about when it comes to individual interests.


The campus is very creative and intellectual. Students care about what goes on within the school community and find ways connect their learnings with the outside world.


Not of the whole student body, but Skidmore is so diverse you could say anything about the student population and find someone or a group of people who fits that description. It's often said the only thing all Skidmore students have in common is we didn't get into Vassar!


To some degree. All of these groups exist at Skidmore, but it is difficult to nail down a "Skidmore type." When I am walking around downtown, I can identify Skidmore students, and not necessarily because they fit a stereotype.


almost everyone is liberal and parties, most people are wealthy and smoke, and sometimes i feel like there are approximetly 10 people of color on campus.


Indeed they are true. If you play a sport you are only going to hang out with jocks and if you like to paint or act then you will hang out with people that are into those activities


to a point


Yes...for the most part.


It's partly true. However, there is a growing number of bros.


yes-hipsters (but actually creative not urban-outfitter produced), it is a liberal arts college after-all but nothing outrageous from any other liberal arts institution, drugs are everywhere-you just may not know it. yes the japs travel in drone-like-packs chain smoking and wondering when their next latte and cigarette gossip secession will take place


see above






Yes. What people forget, however, is that a school of 2600 students that has teams in all the major sports (except football) actually has 300-400 athletes. In otherwords, about 15-20% of the male student body plays a sport. So it isn't all clove-smoking tree-huggers.


Alot students are weathy and alot do try to get in touch with thier "earthy" side, but this is more of the old face of Skidmore rather than upcomming generations. Allover, Skidmore Students are a bizarre, eclectic, and quirky group in which everyone and no one fits in.


In some ways yes because there are athletes and hippies that attend Skidmore, however there is a number of other individuals that do not fall into these two categories.


The campus is less diverse classwise and racewise than it is in every other aspect. There are so many students with multidiscipline double majors who are involved with a huge list of extracurricular involvements and interests. While there may seen to be uneven distributions of class and race and it doesn't hinder the community. Skidmore also has great art programs, both fine and performing, making the amount of performances and shows each semester responsible for the "artsy" stereotype. The school has as great of a business and science program as the art programs, and most students are lucky enough to participate in contrasting areas of concentration.


a small percentage of the students are like this, but more than the average school


No, not really. Obviously, some people do take drugs during college, but that's not the entire campus population. And we have a very thriving sports program (going to hockey games are so much fun) at school! We are known for our art programs, but not everyone makors or even participates in the arts - Business is our most popular major.


In some ways; Skidmore is definately an artistic school, the art program (including fine arts and performing arts) are very strong. However, it by no means is the dominanting department, I've never taken an art class at school nor do I plan on it. Also, Skidmore's academics are extremely rigorous and are taken very seriously. It's a great school, so we're not just a bunch of pot-smoking artists (although that scene does exist). Skidmore is definately also very liberal, politically and culturally. The student body is very openminded towards different religions, sexualities, and so forth and as a whole most are Democrats. However, the student population is diverse, we have our "preppy and jocky" kids too, but perhaps in smaller numbers than other schools. Yet, its a small liberal arts school, so thats to be expected. Most schools of our size and our nature tend to be more liberal and attract the type of student thats not interested in frat-life, but with a good atmosphere of mellow people who love music, love to be in the outdoors, and perhaps, love to paint.


stereotypes often stem from some sort of truth. don't come to skidmore if you want to walk the straight and narrow, there are plenty of other schools out there for that. there are skidmore students who fit the smokemore stereotype, but skidmore students are very diverse accross the chart. Anyone can find their niche as long, but it helps to be open minded and fun.


The majority of the campus is liberal and many of the students do participate in some form of the arts, but some of the biggest majors at skidmore are Buisness and Pshycology. Also Skidmore may not be as ethnically diverse as other campuses, but the school is aware of that and is constantly trying to help achieve that goal, but the school is diverse in so many ways when you look beyond race. There are so many students from other states, other countries, religions, different sexualities, economic backgrounds and much more. I think Skidmore is beautifully diverse!


Somewhat, but the groups are very eclectic and diverse. Skidmore is a very open and welcoming place; I always feel comfortable in any situation. And yes, we have our fair share of fun but we work hard to play hard!


These stereotypes are harsh, but unforntuntely fairly accurate. If I could pick the two most common profiles for students at Skidmore, it would be the "stuck up city kid" or the "crunchy hippie stoner/art major."


no not at all, the administration is weening out the hippies and cool kids in order to have a shiny "new ivy league" school


yes all of them








Most of the people here are white and rich.


Most of these stereotypes are accurate, but there are definitely exceptions. Not every one is rich, not everyone is a hippy, and not every one is into going out on Saturday night.


although there are a bunch of dirty hippies, recently theres been more of an influx of jocks (now that the athletic program is building up) so theres a lot more of a mix




No they aren't. There are a lot of kids from private schools, but there are also a good amount from public schools. A lot of the students come from wealthy parents, but some don't and many that due are down to earth. And there are a fair share of "hippies" but they are not in the majority by any means.


They are extremely accurate.




no very far from the truth


NO!! This is a hugely diverse campus in terms of the interests and majors of the students. The most popular major is buisness, not any of the fine arts. And there is certainly some pot smoked on this campus, as it true of all schools, but it is not a universal activity.


I would say that there is a fair share of wannabe hippies from rich counties like Westchester, but there are plenty of other types of people...hipsters, jocks, you name it...not to stereotype or anything.

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