Skidmore College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


They're small! Less than one percent of classes here have more than 50 students. I've never had a class with more than 25 students. My professors are always engaged in the actual practice of teaching their students, and are not solely interested in achieving tenure or completing research. Every first year student takes a seminar called a Scribner Seminar, which is capped at 16 students. The professor for this seminar (which can be on any subject) becomes your advisor until you declare your major, which creates a strong student-teacher relationship. All professors make themselves available before and after class, through email, and via office hours, to talk to their students. The structure of classes varies greatly depending upon the professors. There's often, however, as in most college classes, lots of reading and several papers per semester. What makes Skidmore great is that professors are always willing to help with revisions and give guidance on these papers and on any other questions you may have.

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