Skidmore College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Some stereotypes would be students are laid back, music lovers; majority of them major in English, Business and Studio Arts. This is a somewhat accurate stereotype.


Hipster stoners mostly, but that's not all that accurate for the majority of kids on campus.


White, rich entitled. Couldn't be more wrong. We have great mix of identities from people of color to whites, from poor to rich, from straight to homosexual, it is all really great.


There's a pretty big stereotype that everyone here is a druggy hipster. While there is a small demographic that can be accurately described as that, most Skidmore students are entirely different. Skidmore students are artistic, creative, athletic, intellectual, fun-loving, caring, kind, any positive adjective can be applied to 99% of the student body!

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