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What is your overall opinion of this school?


Skidmore is wonderful! It caters to a wide variety of student interests—both academically and extracurricularly—is centrally located, is in the heart of a beautiful Upstate New York town, and has provided me with a top-notch education. Its perfect size, 2,400 students, means that I'm always meeting new people and still surrounded by so many familiar faces. The campus itself is beautiful in every season, and was built to facilitate even harsh winters. Its location—in quaint Saratoga Springs, just 3 hours from Boston, Montreal, and New York City, and 20 minutes from the Adirondacks—makes me feel like I'm not so isolated, which college can sometimes feel. The sheer range of classes offered and the flexibility in courses and research and employment opportunities keeps every student busy. I love that the education I'm receiving here is very customizable.


This is pretty much the perfect school for me. When looking for colleges, I wanted a small school with a curriculum that would allow me to explore a variety of academic areas to find the program I was most passionate about. Skidmore was unique among schools I visited in that it seemed to be the most balanced academically. There did not seem to be one particular program that was emphasized on the tour, or any academic area that admissions literature touted above others. Skidmore is great because all of our programs are so strong that you will get a great education in whatever area you decide to major in.


Skidmore has some cons, but has so any pros that the cons are easy to forget. The major con I can think of is that there is little co-departmental cooperation. For the most part departments, and the students and faculty within stay to themselves. But, are strengths also lie in our academics. We have many talented faculty in a load of departments. And within most departments there are great student-student relationships. Student life benefits froms this as there are numerous opportunities to stay entertained and active on campus.


Skidmore hosts an academic environment that is challenging and requires creativity in all aspects of education. However, the assumption that a small liberal arts school is flawless in its student body is widespread when applying for this school. The student body is not clique, its just organized by interests. That being said, most students feature a broad education and many interests, debunking the clique image.


Skidmore is a great size for me, I came from a small high school and I was ready for a school of this size. The ability to take mostly discussion classes and get to know professors really sets Skidmore apart from its peers. Our professors care about our lives outside the classroom and are invested in our futures whether or not it involves their field of study. This to me should be the major selling point of the school, professors who care and take the open door policy to heart.


Skidmore has much more to offer than does the typical liberal arts in that we have the top Exercise Sciences program of liberal arts institutions in the country, one of the top 3-2 (three years at Skidmore and two years at Dartmouth) Engineering programs, and some of the best musical talent around. Some of the more creative founders and CEO's of top companies in the nation and the world are Skidmore alumnae. I was considering Trinity College and Oberlin, which are also great institutions academically, but the small, historic, classy city of Saratoga Springs and moreover the campus at Skidmore caught my attention


Skidmore is an academically strong liberal arts college with a strong amount of interest in the arts (music, studio art, theatre, english, etc.). Many students chose to double major in an art and a "practical" major such as a Chemistry and Music major, or a Business and Studio Art major. Skidmore puts an appropriate emphasis on interdisciplinary study, which allows the students to creatively approach a problem or situation by utilizing resources from every department.


It's a great size for me. If I could change one thing, I'd introduce a creative writing major and more poetry classes. There are very few people who go to Skidmore and don't love it. Saratoga is a great college town, with unique shopping and excellent restaurant choices.


too small... when i tell ppl i go to skidmore they ask me where thats at.


Great Experience. A little small in size, you know a lot of people. Great College town sports need to be encouraged more/ draw more student support


Overall, Skidmore is great! I love the small class sizes, because it gives me a more personalized education. I learned a lot my first year, both in academics and in the greater social scheme of life. Although the professors and the overall education is great, the students and the overall attitude and mentality of people is a little cold and sheltered for my taste. Although I have made a lot of really fun and great friends, my general impression of my peers is that they are clones of one another and only care about the material things in life, and only want a good education, to make more money than the next guy.


Skidmore is small, I think it is more apparent after freshman year. Most people either haven't heard of Skidmore or say that it's a really good school when I say that I go there. I have no problems with the administration, they seem in touch with the student body. I wouldn't say there is much school pride, hardly anyone goes to sports games. People are busy doing their own thing.


The best thing about Skidmore is that you can get anywhere on campus with ease, or get 'lost' in the northwoods and enjoy the scenery. One thing I would change is that people, including myself, don't seem to have any school spirit, and because of that, no one cares too much of what is going on around campus (i.e. school sponsored events, unless it is a big event). I spend most of my time at campus at the library, dining hall or the gym. Saratoga is not a college town in the sense that the prices at restraunts and other places are expensive (becuase it is a resort type area) but downtown and target/wal-mart are easy to get to (either get a friend with a car or take the bus). Skidmore's administration is good, they respond to issues that the student's care about, but it takes them a while to come up with a decision. The latest controversy on campus was the ineffeciency of the housing selection, the matter was acknowledged by the adminsitration, but no changes have been made.


I would change the college town. I like that there is a pretty downtown area, but a lot of the social life revolves around being off campus. That's sometimes disappointing.


Skidmore is the perfect school for a creative individual who is willing to challenge his or her self academically. I came to Skidmore from a high school known for it's athletics. Being a theater major, I expected the transition to be wierd, but I did not expect it to take so long. I feel that the Skidmore culture is changing with each new class. In the past, people accepted that they were at Skidmore and not an Ivy League college and went about their four years focusing on their grades and trying to compete for top level graduate programs, not really taking an interest in developing the Skidmore community. Today's classes are creating programs, groups, majors etc. to challenge themselves and rival the education and communities found at the nation's top schools. Skidmore is still defining itself as a College each year that passes. This creates a fun, liberating environment to work in, where you are free to explore yourself and connect with others in creative ways.


The best thing about Skidmore is the way the academics are set up - so many departments are so supportive of you taking a class there even if you have no major or minor plans in the area. Many departments also make you take class outside of their department so you are more well-rounded. Being in Saratoga Springs, we have the advantage of a rich campus life and a great downtown for getting off campus. Skidmore has a great relationship with the downtown area.


Skidmore is the perfect fit for me. I love the small campus, college town feel, and academic opportunities. With that said, I recognize that it is not the school for everyone. Few people from my hometown have even heard of the school. Recently, the Skidmore student body has really attacked the diversity issue. Overall, Skidmore has challenged me personally and academically for the positive.


i love the size, love that everyone is socially aware, love saratoga, love the profs


Skidmore is a wonderful school... the campus is small making it easy for incoming freshmen to feel right at home. For the most part everyone gets a long. The fact that the campus is so small makes living on campus very easy. However the size can be some what claustrophobic. Seeing the same people day after day can be very tiresome which is why it is suggested to head to NYC for a weekend. If you come from a city, you will find party life slow and boring but after a semester in school you will become accustomed to it.


best thing about skidmore is that you can do whatever you want. its really laid back and they like to let you do your own thing


One of the best things about Skidmore is that the administration really makes the students their number one priority. Also - the location is great: 3 hours from Montreal, NYC, and Boston ( so a lot of road trips are easy to take). Having only 2400 students, I think Skidmore is a good size because I really feel like I have an identity on campus but at the same time, of course, there are people that I do not know. However, sometimes I do feel as if I am in a high school environment in that because there are so few kids, it feels like everyone knows everyone elses business. Most of the time students are found hanging out in the dorms with friends. That is, of course, if they are not in the newly renovated dining hall, the Case student center, or relaxing on the green. I find that because there are not too many residence halls, they are all very social. My favorite memory thus far about Skidmore was a pre-orientation program called SCOOP. We spent a few days at the Sagamore up in the mountains with some upper classmen and many other new students, none of whom knew eachother. It was a great way to meet people and learn about the philosophy of Skidmore and its student body.


Skidmore is just the right size.


Skidmore overall is a great institution. IF you want a relationship with the professors and feel more familiar with the student body, the campus is for you. If you strive for more excitement and spontaneous lifestyle then sleepy saratoga shall not suffice-needless to say for up-state ny saratoga is kick ass and worth the trek (cafe lena-where bob dylan got his start to name one example). it's fucking expensive so unless you're a trust funder or able to get a scholarship, you're parents may resent the steep 50G tuition (and its getting higher). Skidmore will make you a better person. You may be in a saratoga bubble but at skidmore you are constantly challenged and expected by your peers to actively partake in environmental awareness programs, debates, and overall a higher consciousness in this mind-numbing era.


The best thing about Skidmore is probably the quality professors. I'd say it is a very click oriented school because there aren't too many things that bring the whole campus together such as a rec center. Most people become and stay friends with their freshman year dorm for all four years. Its a really small school that gets smaller. Down town is fun but doesn't have much to offer. Senior year it gets much better ;). It is a safe and friendly environment. The living arrangements are WAAAY better than most schools. It is very environmental. There are lots of opportunities. Controversies on campus revolve around diversity and environmental issues. The dining is tough because while the food is pretty good there isn't a ton of variety and you can't really get good food past 900. there also aren't many dining options.


Skidmore has a little over 2,000 students, which is the perfect amount if you are looking for a small school. The campus was built as a college campus therefore it is small, but well thought out. It is a beautiful campus with a great downtown community. Saratoga Springs has a lot of great restaurants, community activities, and amazing scenic views of the lake and mountains. Most people spend their time either on the campus green near the campus Museum, or downtown on Broadway.


The big picture about skidmore is maleability. The big picture is that you mold your individual experience at Skidmore. The programs are constantly evolving; classes are arrising every year, and the experience is becoming better and better every year. The school size is perfect to harness the dynamics at Skidmore without any dominance or over-exposure to one culture. The town is very supportive of Skidmore, now that Skidmore is considered a new Independent Ivy League. Skidmore's administration office is legit in who they accept into the campus. One complaint that I have, but I understand why they took this action, was to accept several more athletes than ever before. Not just athletes, but extremely wealthy athletes. This image has made itself more prominent on campus throughout my time. One of the biggest controversies that will not subside is the issue of Diversity on Skidmore's campus. We are not very culturally diverse, nor do several of the students prefer to be. That is one of the biggest regrets that I have acknowledges during my time. School pride is kept to a minimum, if noticed at all.


The best thing about Skidmore is the people you meet. I am sure that can be said for any school but the great thing about Skidmore is that just when you are ready to kill yourself and all you friends you meet a new really cool person who you never knew about. The thing about Skidmore is that it seems really small and that everyone knows everyone, you see the same people in your classes, in the dhall, at the parties you go to, and then you meet a great new group of people that you never knew existed. That’s my favorite part about Skidmore.


Its a small school in a great college town. Not having Frats makes it more of a community. Its well respected and well known to people growing up in the North-east but to those from the south, midwest, or pacific coast its hit or miss as to weather of not they have even heard of Skidmore College. The administration is great for the most part. There are some really foolish rules regarding recieving credit from other institutions. I was accepted to the London School of Economics but could not attend the summer sessions because Skidmore would not allow me to transfer the credits even though LSE is the most respected economic institution in the world.


Skidmore is a great place with great people. I have had experiences that I can not even compare to my other friends' college experience because it is such a unique and personal place. I have been to the president's house for dinner. I have reunions with my First Year Experience class on a semesterly basis. I can't walk across campus without seeing someone I know and it's comforting. I can go to a lax game or I can go to a student jazz ensemble. Most of the time, there's time to do both. Skidmore is an environment that constantly aides students and helps them thrive. If you need someone to help you record a jingle for your marketing class, you probably have a friend in the music department who can help...and then head over to the graphic design class to get a logo and the english department to get a catchy slogan. Dinner tables are filled with majors and interests that only help each other thrive. The campus is beautiful and when it's warm out, there is nothing like it. When it's cold, which it is for a majority of the year, it's almost unbelievable that life can sustain itself. There isn't too much school pride, another reason the school is perceived more as artsy than athletic. The teams are really talented though and the programs are gaining strength every year.


The best thing about Skidmore is the sense of community that you feel on campus. Since it's a relatively small school (only about 2,500 students), you really feel as though you know most people at the school. The small student population allows you to really recognize people on campus, and it makes you feel less like "just a face in the crowd". Saratoga Springs, the town that Skidmore is located in, is really nice. It has great restaurants and shops, and since it's a big racing town, there are tons of things to do there all throughout the school year. Most people don't leave campus for the weekends since there is so much going on. My favorite Skidmore experience so far was during a huge snowstorm. All the lights in the buildings went off except in the dining hall (which is located at the back of a huge lawn area) and the entire campus stopped doing work and just held a huge snowball fight. People were throwing snowballs at students they didn't even know; it was so much fun!


Saratoga Springs is an ideal college town. It has one of the highest bars per capita, a unique old town charm, with great eats, and beautiful parks. It is small and quaint, and provides a lovely backdrop to a very insular school. Anyone who knows anyone who goes to Skidmore knows how much students here love it. It is not a school that people go to for the name, people come here for the environment it provides. It goes beyond the great professors, to a feeling on campus that is cultivated by very cool and caring students.


Coming from a small town, Skidmore was just right for me. I didnt want to go to a huge University where no one knows who anyone is in their classes. My class at Skidmore is a little bigger then my graduating class in high school, but that allows for smaller class sizes, more one on one with teachers, and an opportunity to know everyone on campus and what ohters are doing. Saratoga is also a beautiful and supportive town. There are endless things to do and the people from town are very welcoming and supportive of the SKidmore community.


The school size is small, which allows for a very close population and you will never go anywhere without seeing someone you know. However, this makes it impossible to avoid people and does not push students to meet as many new people as a larger college would. The town of Saratoga Springs is fun and welcoming to the college students! But if you are looking to party, the off campus scene is really only for 21+. I will always remember the Skidmore tradition of Fun Day, which takes place during the last week of classes. The school sets up giant bounce houses on the green and everyone comes out to play and listen to the college bands. Fun Day is also the day of the Naked Run, which is exactly as entertaining as the name makes it out to be!


All in all, I am very happy with all that Skidmore has offered me so far. after having spent my first semester abroad in England, as a participant of Skidmore's FYE London program, I was so nervous to get back to Skidmore as a January freshman. My first semester at Skidmore was awful and even though I did well academically, I was miserable because I really had trouble making friends and getting involved in a community that seemed to already be set in stone. When I tell people that I go to Skidmore their first reaction is always, "Oh, great it still all women?" I find this amusing because the school has been co-ed for a while. Anyways, people usually assume that I am relatively smart, because I go to Skidmore. The reality is, i'm average. While my grades are admirable, I would say that I work a lot harder than my friends do. A lot of times students at Skidmroe tend to be very intellectual and book smart, but do not always appear hard working. I would stress that I am the complete opposite which sometimes creates frustration in my mind. It gets to be be pretty hard sometimes when I realize that I have to spend 2 weeks studying what would take my friends a few hours to memorize. One thing I am incredibly grateful to Skidmore for though, is providing me a real glimpse into the real world, not just the typical small-school college bubble. i came to Skidmore because I wanted to be a Studio art/ art history major. After I took my first art class at the school, I decided I was no longer interested in pursuing art as a career. I ended up taking an Exercise Science class to fulfill a math/science requirement to the core-curriculum; Now, I'm an exercise science MAJOR! Exercise Science is a a relatively new major that other colleges and universities are just starting to acknowledge, but I have absolutely fallen in love with the classes, the faculty and the resources that the college has. Also, because Skidmore has just recently joined the network for the National Student Exchange program (NSE), I can now go abroad for the semester in HAWAII to study Exercise Science and still get my credits acknowledged by the school. It's hard enough being any kind of a science major to go abroad, as you probably already know, and the fact that Skidmore has found way around this makes me commend them even more for accommodating those of us that have chosen to declare our majors late, or have chosen majors that are difficult to complete.


I would make people more laid back and willing to get to know each other. Less cliques.


none of my friends in highschool have ever heard of it because it only recruits from a few select highschools and if you didn't go to one of them or are not from the area you won't know about it. if you don't go to one of these high schools you can still get in though i found out about it over the internet. the classes here are small and you can get to know the proffessors easily. the town is nice, it's not big but you can find something to do. there's alot of clubs open at night and you'd think its whole different place. during the summer it's extremely busy because of the horse race industry in town. the classrooms are by the dorms so you won't have to worry about walking 20-30mins like other places. during the winter it snows like hell so you might want to bring a shovel for your car or an extra jacket.


I think the size of Skidmore is pretty good--but the ratio of guys to girls sucks, i would change that. When i tell people that i go to Skidmore, they usually mention the racetrack and the town of Saratoga Springs, which is AMAZING. There are awesome restaurants and the towns people are really nice to the students. Some businesses give discounts which is good. I think the administration is pretty good, they let us have some freedom, but when it comes to the drinking policy it i really bad. I dont like the fact that the campus is dry. it makes everyone more paraniod and it makes people want to break the rules more. School pride is not really something i see at skidmore. there is not really an excitement about the athletics. I will always remember this one night where it had just snowed really heavily and the power had gone out all over campus, and everyone in the dorms just came outside and had a giant snowball fight. it was insane, like a scene out of a movie.


Every time you start to think Skidmore is too small you see someone you've never seen before. People generally need to know something about colleges to know about skidmore. The general public does not know of it nor care. The town is great, there is so much to do at night. the bars are amazing. Skidmore pride is not always shown. We rather stay in our rooms and smoke pot than go rally. Thats just the way it is.


Skidmore is great. It is a totally free environment and you really feel like you can do anything. The students are so creative and there is always something really cool going on on campus. Saratoga Springs is amazing. We don't really have a lot of pride in our athletics, but people love the school.


I would want more minorities on campus. There needs to be more professors of color. The President does not have a backbone and is a joke. He does not stand for minority rights and is more concerned with money than anything else. There is not much to do here.


The best thing about Skidmore is having the opportunity to work so closely with faculty. Many of the professors are Ivy League caliber teaching classes of fifteen students. It's nice to have professors that know your name and major. The town of Saratoga Springs is a great place, offering plenty to do, but sometimes it can get too expensive.


i really like the small class sizes, i really like the dorms (although the heat/AC doesnt always work), i love the dhall, i love scribner. i hate the lack of class options. since it is such a small school there isnt a lot of variety of classes to choose from. people usually think everyones a huge stoner at skidmore, which is kinda true, so its a fun reputation to keep up. i spend most of my time in my dorm, scribner, and the dhall. im serious when i say i LOVE the dhall. probably the thing i love and miss the most when im gone from school.


4/20 is a school sponsored event; the professors are fantastic.


The school is jsut the right size. You don't know everyone, and I continute to meet new people. However, it is really nice to be walking to class and see many familiar faces. Saratoga Springs, where the college is located is pretty much the ideal college town. It has great night life and restaurants. It is really cozy and a fun place to stay in the summer (with the Horse Racing and Saratoga Performing arts center).


Academics are good for the most part. People are obnoxious and the school sucks overall. Scribner Village -- the place where all the parties are -- is lame. All the parties suck. The events are stupid. Saratoga Springs is alright, but it's small and one can only do so much there. Restaurants, bars with lame white trash townies, horse-racing and shopping. Signing up for classes and other issues that require individual attention are some of Skidmore's greatest strengths. Professors are always available for individual help. Not a lot of school pride. A recent controversy was John Ashcroft's speech at Skidmore. The Young Republicans Club invited him to campus, so, of course, all the liberal hippies made a big fuss and behaved rudely when he spoke.


Skidmore is a beautiful campus in scenic Saratoga Springs, NY. With about 2,600 undergrads, the campus community is small and tight-knit. The people are friendly and it is easy to make friends. However, many students are apathetic to current events and events in the community. Saratoga Springs is a charming city with plenty to do. Freshmen can have cars on campus and there is a free bus to and from downtown, so travel is a breeze. The bars, restaurants, live entertainment and the parks are awesome - but it snows much of the winter. Both Skidmore and Saratoga Springs could use a little more diversity - racial, cultural, economic, geographic and otherwise.


The best thing about skidmore is the tight knit community with small classes where you get to know your professors set in an amazing town. If I could change anything I would make the school a little bigger. When I tell people that I go to skidmore most people say they love the town saratoga springs and ask if the school is still all girls, which it is not. On campus i spend most of my time in the library. I think school pride is lacking a little bit when it comes to supporting the athletic teams.


This is a great size school in a fantastic location. Saratoga is a fantastic town we are 3 hours from New York City, Boston, and Montreal, and right near the adirondacks. This school has an incredibly active student body, walking around you will see hundreds of posters for the thousands of events held here. It is an incredibly talented student body, and very hard working, the students really take pride in what they are doing.


Skidmore is an amazing school. It is the number one place you want to be in the springtime, when EVERYONE is outdoors enjoying the sun and sitting on the green. I would say almost everyone who goes there is happy with the school. There are so many lectures, teams, all of these different ways that are set up by both faculty and students to constantly engage Skiddies. Whoever you want to be...whatever you want to will figure it out at Skidmore.


The best thing about Skidmore is the medium to small classes. Professors know your name and you can even have personal conversations with them. The biggest thing I'd change about Skidmore is that there is no Film department. There are a few Film affiliated courses but nothing concrete. Skidmore is too small (although it is much bigger than the other schools I applied to), I wish there were 500 or so more students. Most people don't know where Skidmore is but it is more well known than some schools. Skidmore resides in the nice town of Saratoga Springs. I wouldn't really call it a college town in that the entire economy is not based on the college. I don't have much of an opinion on Skidmore's administration because I know nothing about it. All of the Associate Dean of the Faculty, Assistant Dean to the Faculty, etc titles are meaningless to most students. There is some school pride in our sports teams but nothing out of control.

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