Skidmore College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of student that should attend Skidmore is one that is open-minded, forward thinking, and academically focused.


Skidmore college's motto is "Creative Thought Matters." Ideally a Skidmore student is creative and a true liberal arts student in that they enjoy a wide variety of subjects. Many students here are interested in some form of the arts, and do not want to sacrifice between their artistic side and their academic side.


A self motivated, hard working, somewhat eccentric person who enjoys liberal company, creative expression, and a small school should attend Skidmore. If you are accepting of others and wish you could be at a school where others readily accept you, then you should attend Skidmore.


The type of person to attend Skidmore has a very open mind and natural creativity. It is imperative that students at Skidmore expose themselves to courses in various academic departments in order to settle on one specific path. A Skidmore student should also be accepting of their surroundings, for there are so many different kinds of people with varying talents and interests who attend Skidmore. Lastly, a Skidmore student should have some sort of musical taste or interest.


An artsy, open-minded intellectual.

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