Skidmore College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would say that anyone who is interested in a diverse, urban environment should not pursue Skidmore College for their higher education. Saratoga Springs is a beautiful and quaint town to live in for four years, but unfortunately you will not see how the knowledge of your classes reflects in the larger community until after you graduate.


The type of person that shouldn't attent my school is one that is not open to change and not open to seeing the world in all of its reality. Skidmore College is full of people that do al l types of different things, but it still has its characteristics that definitly highlight the reality that it is mostly the privledged that make it into college.


People seeking anonymity, conservatives, engineering track, and those looking for an urban experience.


Someone who needs a lot of motivations.


everyone should attend!


A person who needs structure and strict guidelines would not do well at this school. Skidmore is very liberal and open-minded, and a person with interest in any area can excell there. Students who wish to pursue a more structured field (ie: pre-med, law, business) can do so here, but the school places more of an emphasis on the arts and sciences. The ideal student would want to focus on or at least include the liberal arts in their academic pursuits. A popular major combination is Business and Foreign Language, for example.


Someone who is looking for a huge party scene or huge athletic scene should not attend Skidmore.


A person who is not open-minded and willing to try new and different activites should not attend this school. They will not get all the benefits that Skidmore has to offer.


If you do not have an open mind, do not attend Skidmore College. If you do not want professors who will invite you over to their homes in the beautiful town of Saratoga Springs, do not attend Skidmore College. If you do not want to make friends who are up to date on the world around them, find joy in a healthy debate with their peers, or simply want to take a walk in the North Woods with you, do not attend Skidmore College.


Someone who can not think outside the box and is unable to be exposed to new, different and exciting types of people.

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