Skyline College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There was constant construction to upgrade the campus facilities. It wasn't until I transferred was when the school had finally upgraded their science department with new microscopes, state of the art labs and instruments.


Well Skyline isn't a very social school but that's just they way it is. Everyone who comes there is in to get out (regardless of whether or not they're giving their best efforts in their studies). Social groups are a great thing but for some reason they just aren't that interesting at Skyline College. When I transfer to a four-year, I am excited to join the social groups that I'll find there but (as is probably the case with most community colleges) Skyline College seems more a necessity than a new way of life.


The ESL lab at Skyline College is very small. There are only four computers in which you can use ESL software. Some of these software would help you with pronunciation, accent reduction, vocabulary and speaking skills, but you cannot practice without bothering the person who is seated right next to you and who would be probably trying to concentrate on building his grammar or reading skills.