Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fast growing and always making changes to improve the school and programs.


Slippery Rock University is a small school in Pennsylvania with a lot to offer.


Slippery Rock is a great medium sized school to get the college experience and gain a degree. The people in my particular program are very friendly and open to working out if there are any problems that you may have. It serves to be a good balance of academics and social life.


At slippery rock we are a community of future leaders.


A great learning and social environment.


Slippery Rock University is a very laid-back school and feels very much like home.


Slippery Rock University does their best to ensure you have a good college career and that yout feel like you fit in there.


Slippery Rock is full of diversity, exceptional professors, and education majors.


Slippery Rock University is a diverse and well respected college that offers many opportunities for students to expand their horizons.


Slippery Rock University is a medium-sized, suburban school that has a diverse student population and plenty of opportunity for involvement.


Slippery Rock is one of the friendliest, beautiful, diverse, outgoing, right at home, safe feeling places to live and further our education and selves.


Its a nice size with a medium amount of students with small classrooms for better attention but alot of "cliques" such as greek life and sports.


Slippery Rock is a school that not only gives students a great oppurtunity to excell in the specific academic profession they choose, but it also allows students to become well-rounded human beings; people that will be contributing members of society and will be aware of who they really are and what they want out of life upon graduating from this college.


It's really great experience and chance to make lifelong friends, but if you are looking for an active city life it's not for you.


A great place where you will not only enjoy your social life but your academic life as well.


Slippery Rock University is a great school, that has it's positives and negatives!


Slippery Rock is a pretty good school and it offers it's students alot of majors for their students in the future.


I would have to say the school is the perfect size, friendly, active, and just a great place to be.


Well organized and I am very happy with the university.


I am an outgoing woman who loves meeting new people and making others around me laugh.


A variety of students eager to be professionals.


Slippery Rock University, like any university can be hectic and stressful at times, but seems to be a very welcoming kind community.