Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates that I currently attend Slippery Rock University with are hardworking, energetic, and entertaining people who want to succeed in life, while having a good time simultaneously.


My classmates are one of a kind.


Students in the Exercise Science major were focused and generally friendly and eager to help each other.


My classmates were intriguing and friendly. There was never a dull moment at Slippery Rock from the moment that I stepped onto campus. I went to school with poeple from all over the world and had the opportunity to travel abroad myself. I believe that it is important that we are open-minded about things, we learn so much more from being open to different ideas. I believe that if we are united that we can do mighty things.


My classmates are friendly and open to helping anyone who needs it.


My classmates are some of my best friends who give me inspiration to be a great person and work hard for my dreams.


My classmates can be described in many different ways, but I think the best way for someone to get a picture of my peers at Slippery Rock University is to use the word involved, because it puts emphasis on the thought that there are a wide variety of people here that care about a wide variety of topics that can include politics, health, the environment, current events, and the list goes on and on, but I always see someone being an advocate for something or making a difference whether it being in the community or globally.


I feel that my classmates are very open and well rounded people. i enjoy being around the other students because they have challenged me to do my best in everything i do.


Determined and focused.


My classmates have been really kind and helpful.




Many of my classmates are articulate and talented writers.


Classmates are fun, constructive, and enjoy learning the material as much as I do.


Nice, fun, accepting, goodtime.


Determined people who were easy to get along with and helpful.


Very dedicated to their majors.


Friendly and fun


Very social.


I have had classmates of every imaginable kind: loud, quiet, studious, levelheaded, freespirted, fun-loving, serious, ect. (race and ethnicity are a given and a norm here).


The students at Slippery Rock University are very diverse, friendly, and all care about their future.


Eager to learn, prepared, fun and enthuastic about life, friendly, career orientated and normal is how I would describe the classmated at SRU.


My classmates are usually social people who are slow to warm up, but generally kind once you get to know them.