Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's "Rock Solid" education and Rocky the Lion.


The exercise science and education programs.


Our school is mainly known for our pride in our school. We have things such as Green & White Fridays where everyone wears our school colors; also, if we are stressed from too much homework or we need good luck for a big test, then we "rub the rock", in which 4 monumental rocks are placed around campus and we rub if for good luck. The pride throughout our university is incredible we are so proud to be a part of it.


Having an excellent teacher and business schools


We are known as being the town known aronud the world. We are a small school and have students from many countries and have been heard of in many other countries.


Slippery Rock University is best known for it's physical education, exercise science, and athletic trainning programs.


SRU has an awesome recreational facility and new dorm layout which will definitely catch your eye, but if egotistical jocks and people who are given grades and money just because of their skin color really aren't your thing, I'd look elsewhere.


Slippery Rock University is best known for there excellent business programs, pysical therapy, and very good education students.


I would say that our school is best known for the sports teams that they have, and for the amount of activities the school has for the community.


Slippery Rock is best known for their education program, definitely.


My school has an exceptional Education program, as well as national recognition for it's physical therapy program.


My school is best known for it's education. That's why I had decided to apply for Slippery Rock University located in Pennsylvania, even though I currently resign in Maryland. As an Education major, I wanted to ensure that I received the most education possible in order to become a very successful teacher in the future. I believe college is about receiving the best education possible in order to prepare you properly for your future career and that's why I knew Slippery Rock University was the best choice for me.


The school is known academically for its physical therapy and dance programs the most. Unfortunately the school has a reputation of being a party school, but it is a lot better than the horrible stories that are told about the way it was in the past.


we are probably best know for ours parks and resource management department.


The school is best known for its academic programs and the fast track programs that the school offers. The major of exercise science is one of the few that is accredited in the United States. Also the school offers a 3+3 program with the graduate physical therapy program. The education program is a well known program as well. Along with academics the friendliness on the campus is outstanding. Even if you do not know someone walking on campus a friendly hello will come your way.


Slippery Rock University is best known for its education and physical therapy programs.


Other than it's unique name, it's education department and graduate physical therapy program are the two biggest majors at Slippery Rock University.


It's name, being a teacher college, and drinking.


Education program, name, and football team back in the 70s.


It has been known for being a party school for as long as I can remember. However, that is not all this school is about. It is likely that you could find a party on any given night, but that does not mean we do not know how to buckle down and get our work done. I would say we have the perfect balance between fun and studying.


It's name... thats about it. It's a small town and a small school so there really isn't much to be famous for. We do have the Brewery, though. It's a restaurant and beer brewery. They only sell what they brew themselves and the beers are delicious.


There are three things that Slippery Rock University is known for. One being the Education Department. The majority of students here are education majors. Two being the Exercise Science/Physical Therapy Department. This department is one of the best in the nation and is very competitive. Three being parties. SRU is a state school in the middle of no where. People here party. People come here to party.


Sports and Parties


My school is best known for our athletics, student section, and our physical therapy program.


The school is known for its sports and farternities.


Slippery Rock is pretty well known throughout Pennsylvania, and even, I've heard, in further away places such as Texas. I've been told that our football game scores are shown during University of Texas games at their stadium.