Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

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You know a lot of people you see around campus and people remember you. Also everyone is very friendly.


The unique thing about this school is that copared to the town its in the school is big sicne there is not much around and it really is a normal sized college.


We are unique because we are one big family. When something happens were all there for each other whether we know the person personally or not.


Something I find unique about Slippery Rock University is that the faculty is very helpful. I visited three colleges other than SRU and I immediately noticed on my Slippery Rock campus visit that their professors are some of the best people in the world. After attending this school for a year, I still believe that.


What is unique about my school, is that is has a excellent education program. All of the other schools that i have considered were not quit right for me. Another reason why i did not pick an other school's was because, Slippery Rock was the closest one, and therefor i would have money to travel to and from school.


Our school is unique because we live in communities, not just dormatories. Our dorms are like families, which is very important to feel comfortable with where you are living. Living here has let me meet so many more people than if I was living somewhere else. Our Community Assistants organize events for us to attend to just hang out, which sometimes is needed as a stress reliever.


Slippery Rock University is a college best known for its rock solid education and this is exactly what a student would find here. When comparing Slippery Rock with other colleges, I found that everyone here is extremely personable and reliable. Apon visting this unversity in the summer of 2009 I realized how "at home" I felt and how incredibly friendly everyone had been. I could not imagine starting my college career anywhere else and absolutely love the beautiful and exciting campus that I now live on.


I really enjoy attending Slippery Rock University. This school is different because a lot of the faculty here will actually help if you are having problems with scheduling, room issues, having trouble in class and many other things. The faculty has been very welcoming and helpful. Another thing they do is give good advice on what classes would be best for major and what would be the greatest path for you. They also were very welcoming and helpful to the freshmen.


I feel as though Slippery Rock University has many opportunities. There are many: jobs, volunteering opportunities, and chances to study abroad. Slippery Rock's colors are Green & White and we are a campus that is GOING GREEN! We do a lot to conserve and recycle and keep our campus clean. Slippery Rock is a small town, but the many events hosted by several clubs and organization on campus make the students forget that there isn't a mall, movie theater, or many recreational places in the town itself.


Small town


It feels homey, not like you're at college. The town is the type of neighborhood I grew up in, kind of secluded where people mostly keep to themselves. It has beautiful nature around, if you take the time to find that out and experience it.


It's small but not too small. There is a variety of activities and events to attend. The school's ROTC program is ranked as one of the best for the schools size. The school is supportive of Military members. Although there is room for improvement. Overall this school is a good choice for my major which is Elem. Education. Its a great school for any education majors.


I like that the campus is small and friendly. As an adult student, I had no problems fittig in with the younger students.


Brand new dorms and a great safety program.


Slippery Rock welcomes everyone with open arms, and after a small amount of time, you feel like you've been there all your life. You can ask anyone for anything, facualty, students, whoever, and they are always ready to help. Slippery Rock values community.


It seemed to be a lot more friendly and open. It was also just the right size, not too big, but not too small either.


It was a smaller campus, but still had a lot of students that made it feel big.


its like a community, but still big enough to always meet new people.