Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It always seems to be raining in Slippery Rock. The campus is on a bunch of hills, so after it rains there are streams of water on the walkways.


The worst thing about the school I will be atteneding is how far away it is from where I live.


That there are too many scholarships for our crapy sports teams, but not enough for our fantastic music, theatre, dance, and art departments.


The worst thing about Slippery Rock University in my opinion is the food service. The meals served at the dining halls are nothing to look to forward to and it is overpriced. The newest on campus dining hall recently received positive national recognition, but I definitely believe the on-campus eating experience could be much better.


The worst part about my school is the difficulty you can sometimes have when trying to talk to people in charge. Some offices give you the run around when you are trying to get things changed while others do a spectacular job at helping.


The construction site often is loud.


A lot of the students at school go home on the weekends. There's always things to do- but it's considered a "suitcase" school.


I think the worst thing about my school would be the peer pressure to party and drink. I think that there needs to be more people speaking out and saying that I do not drink or party. The peer pressure to do both is intense. The amount of illegal activities, mainly drinking, people get away with is crazy. I wish there were more people who speak out and say I can still have fun and not drink.


The worse part of Slippery Rock University would have to be there availabilityfor classes. They have more students then open available classes. If they had more classes offered then that would help a lot of students from having to take summer courses at a community college. For Example, Public Speaking is a class that a lot of students take over the summer at a community college close to them because it's so hard to get into the class.


The worst thing would be a tie between financial aid promising money and never giving it out to students needing it. The second would be the lack of encouraged involvement.


Very spread out and the laptop computers are terrible in the library.


It rains and snows a lot.


The only bad thing about Slippery Rock is sometimes the weather. The summers are nice, and the fall is absoultely beautiful, but come winter, just be prepared to bundle up. The snow makes good for snowboarding, but just be cautious on your way to class. The spring semeter is pretty wet, but nothing you can't handle with an umbrella. Once it dries out, hello sunshine!


The on campus parking situation is a minor issue however, it tends to be the most negative aspect of Slippery Rock University. Parking spots available for off-campus commuters tends to be competitive. Over my years at SRU the parking situation has been improving but still has insufficient parking spots for those that are required to commute. As an off campus commuter that lives within the town, I choose to walk to campus rather that fight with others that do not have this convenience of walking and must drive.


the rain. it pretty much rains all the time and i love being outside. so when its rainy and cold, its kinda hard to do fun things to take your mind off of school like whitewater kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. (there is a ton of that around! which is one reason i love the location of my school.)


Right now they are going through a lot of changes so there is always construction going on but after this year most of it should be finished and it will be like a brand new campus.


It's too small. It's like a spider web of people. It's hard to keep secrets unless you really find someone who wont spill the beans. The only reason that's not bad is because it makes everyone stay honest about most things they do and say. The people are real... that's for sure.


The worse thing about Slippery Rock University is the lack of diversity, as well as the weather. There is little diversity at this school, and the wathe gets bad in the winter.


The worst thing about this school is being social. There is a drive to get students social but mostly the organized events are corny, like concerts and things like that, but you don't really go to those kind of things to meet new people, you go with your friends and have a good time. If you do not join a Fraternity or Sorority or play a sport it seems impossible to be socially involved on campus.


I feel that the university has a lack of diversity. Most students are middle class, caucasian males and females who tend to stick with their own ethnicity when socializing.


I feel like I haven't learned anything, although I write a lot of papers and do a lot of discussions, my language classes are mediocre and the school doesn't care about study abroad programs.