Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I believe Slippery Rock is the perfect school. We have about 8,000 students, which makes Slippery Rock a medium-sized school. But, you get to know a core group of students so it generally feels like a smaller school. Some people have the wrong view of Slippery Rock thinking it is a party school. I tell them no matter what school you go to, you will find parties. Overall opinion of Slippery Rock has gone up since I have gone here. I spend a lot of my time in the library. As a graduate student, it is my one place of solace. Not to mention there are computers on every floor, the staff is willing to help with anything you may need, and it is a quiet place to get away and study. The schools administration is honestly amazing. They are truly looking out for the best for their students. The current president, Robert Smith, has truly turned Slippery Rock into one of the best campuses I have ever been to. His positive attitude has really kept the campus on an upward track since he came here. We love our school and are proud of everything we do here. I will always remember the three years I lived in the dorms and the friends that I made there, many of which I keep in contact with still. Also, the faculty and staff on campus are as friendly as they come. I have befriended many of my professors and a couple have been my mentors for years now. The only thing I would change about Slippery Rock is the class scheduling process. Sometimes it is hard to get into classes. But, no matter where you go you will have that problem.