Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that everyone is friendly and there are so many people to help you and that want you to succeed. It is really nice to have people rooting for you to succeed that are on campus and who push you to do your very best.


The best thing about this school is the students and how well we stick toghter.


I would consider the campus and the education that one would receive to be the best things about my school. This is because the campus is very easy to access and one can get to classes fairly easy and education is important because it gets us to where we want to be in life.


The close knit groups of friends, eveyone finds a group that fits them very well.


The best thing about the school I will be attending is the oppertunities it provides with the major I have chosen to study for.


There are a lot of things that are the best at Slippery Rock. I think if I had to choose one would be the proffesors. You really learn a lot from them and they all are so nice and helpful when you need it.


The best thing about the school are the people who attend. There is such a diverse group of people that attend this school, and they can become your family. I know that some of the people I met my first semester there will be my life long friends.


I love that I can feel safe in Slippery Rock. It feels like home.


I think the best thing about the school is that it is small and you can have more one on one time with teachers. It is also, cheaper than most schools.


It is not very large so the professors know your name and can help you more.


the sports management program is one of the best, with great internship possibilities


My experience at Slippery Rock so far has taught me our staff if willing to do anything for us. Most of the professors on this campus are willing to talk to you one on one about anything you may need to discuss. It is very important to establish a relationship with your professors to be able to talk to them about issues in the classroom or homework or anything really.


I believe the best aspect of Slippery Rock University is the quality of education I am recieving for the amount of money I am spending on tuition. Many of my friends are getting similar degrees from other universities and are paying up to double the amount that I am spending on my education. This university is definately a best buy choice for any student looking for a quality education.


The thing that I consider the best about my school is the fact that I am able to obtain a dual major in education. Because of this, I choose to dual major in Elementary Education and Special Education. I consider this the best thing about my school because I will be able to attend for four years and graduate with a dual certification. Having this dual cerfitication allows to be looked upon as a more marketable candidate. I know I made the right choice to attend Slippery Rock Universiy and will recieve the best education to become a successful teacher.


The best thing about this school is the professors once you get into the classes that pertain to your major. The teachers in the education classes are absolutely amazing. They are able to answer any questions you have about anything and I mean anything. If they do not know the answer then they will search around until they find the answer! They build a community in the classroom and I have made many wonderful friends in my classes that I normally wouldn't have talked to if it wasn't for my professors.


I like the atmosphere of this school. It's very friendly. I can walk around campus and people are smiling and saying hello. It makes for a less stressful feeling. I love being about to walk out of my dorm and someone saying hi.


I consider the sense of community here to be the best thing about this school. I grew up in a small town so Slippery Rock was very appealing to me while visitng schools. There is a home-like atmosphere and a beautiful little town surrounding it. Since it is a small town, it is easy to feel connected to it. There is a lot of school spirit here and you can find support in times of need. I especially enjoy it when town events and schools events are connected for the students to enjoy.


Nice quiet town. I enjoy most of my classes. Professors are usually nice and very helpful.


the technology appliances are great


Just the whole environment. you can really tell that people love where they go to school.


People here are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Anywhere you go you can find someone who gives you a warm smile, hello, or holds the door open for you.


Professors are amazing


The people are really friendly on this campus and those who are involve love it and think it is the best place on Earth. You get many chances and oppurtunities here. I love it.


The professors in my department they are very involved, and actually care about the students.


The education department has a lot of resources and good theories.