Smith College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Their government and psychology departments, study abroad, financial aid and great dorms.


Smith College is Mecca for women who love to learn and want to make things better within their communities, states, or country. It only makes sense then, that they are known everywhere for their social work degree program.


Diversity, acceptance of difference cultures/sexual orientation, rigorous coursework.


Smith is best known probably for being a women's college, but other than that it is best known for its rigorous academics. It is highly focused on undergraduate research and provides untold amounts of academic resources. The classes are challenging, but Smith has tutors for everything, and the professors are very available to help you out, even for large lecture classes. The students themselves are very academically focused and pretty competitive about grades. It is a Smith stereotype to be that girl that keeps trying to discuss grades with everyone after exams or papers are handed back.


Great academics, nurturing environment, traditions, strong sense of community


Academics, community.


My college is best known for the academic vigor and strong skills each student posesses. Whether dedicated to the arts or sciences, the students here become masters of their trade.


Best known for being a liberal women's college, probably.


Smith College is best known for its status as a women's college, as well as its incredible social sciences.


Having alumnae in fortune 500 companies, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, First Women's College with an engineering department, Social Work, Homosexuals