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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

It really depends on the individual. I really like to work in the Campus Center Cafe because the tables are great and you're really close to delicious food! I also really like working in the library. We have two rooms in the library which are absolutely gorgeous and if you get on Facebook there you will feel guilty because everyone is working so hard, and you're in a beautiful academic environment. In general the library is the best place to work just because you feed off the people around you. Even though it's not the most beautiful library, we've done well with what we have. Another place is in your house! I have lived in two houses and people are always studying either in the designated study or in the dining hall! After hours, it turned into a study center which we lovingly called "Camp Sunshine". We would be able to be silly together and be close enough to our beds that it was convenient. But we also helped each other work giving each other incentives for focusing and saying "here paint your nails, but you can't do the other hand until you finish 2 pages of your paper" . There really is a sense of camaraderie in the study spaces at Smith, but if you want to be alone, there are carrels in the library and little spots to study all over campus!

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A typical sitting room at Smith where students study and host guests.

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