Smith College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Smith College?


Smithies are sometimes thought to be brainy and talkative in class, bordering on know-it-all-ness. Intimidatingly intellectual. Sexually frustrated because it's a women's college. Or, conversely, all gay because it's a women's college. Very feminist, study a lot. I think older generations think of Smithies as women from well-off families who wear pearls and sweater sets.


That its nerdy and full of lesbians, or full of sheltered girls who can't face the real world so they go to an all woman's school


Smithies are labeled as everything from pearl-wearing prep school girls to spike-collar wearing lesbians. For the most part we are known as a progressive school that combines tradition with women's opportunity.


Smith is stereotypically very gay, liberal and intellectual.


The stereotypes are that everyone's gay and everyone studies all the time


That we are either gay, bisexual, questioning, transgendered, or feminists. We are liberal and ambitious. We are extremely academically motivated and our professors ask a lot from us. We're stuck-up or snobby, pretentious, exclusive. Possibly very rich. There is also the Smith "that girl". The one who ALWAYS raises her hand with something to say - relevant or not - and never seems to know when to let the professor (or other students) speak.


One that I know of is that we are all gay or something that is not heterosexual.


Students are very serious about their work, they are boring and plain, they are gay/queer, they are feminists, very politically correct, academically intense.


People believe that because it is an all girls school that everyone is gay or turns gay.


That we all hate men, that we are snobby, that we area all highly competative, that we are better than Moho.