Smith College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of Smith and a women's college in general is that everyone is a major feminist and a lesbian. This isn't true at all. At Smith, everyone decides who they want to be and what they want to do, and Smith is the best place for everyone to explore and express who they are.


The stereotype of students at Smith is that everyone is a lesbian. While every definition of one's sexuality and gender is accepted, by no means is the whole school comprised of all one type of person. The atmosphere we have here facilitates acceptance of all people. For those of us who identify as straight it's more of a lesson in inclusivity.


Most people at Smith are very studious and can be intense--they are always stressed. There are lots of hipsters, lesbians, hipster lesbians, and quiet science girls who live on Green Street. People here are not very friendly and many lack social skills.


The general stereotype is that everyone who lives on the quad loves to party and everyone who lives on Green St. is a nerd and wears a cape. This is true to an extent, but definitely does not apply to everyone. Some people live on Green St. to be closer to their classes or the gym, and have a quieter study environment. The same goes for the quad- some people like to live there because it is a little removed from campus and the rooms are really nice.


I think the general stereotype of students is that they are really open about sexuality and that many students are queer. This stereotype is more or less accurate. Not all Smithies are gay though! However, all students are "expected" to be supportive of a variety of sexualities. Furthermore, no matter what the gender, sexuality, or identity, our students are intelligent and conscientious students.