Smith College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend Smith College if you are not a critical thinker. Students and professors will continue to challenge you and your opinion. You also cannot be close-minded when coming to Smith. There are many activists, many liberals, many different people here. If you are close-minded, you will find it difficult to relate to the student body, to get involved, to make friends, and to understand the people around you. Also, most important, do NOT attend Smith College if you have homophobia or have an issue with those who aren't heterosexual.


I would never assume to make a judgement like that; who am I to say someone doesn't "belong" somewhere?


Any student that views Smith College as a "good school, despite the the all-women part". It is such an integral part of the Smith College experience, and will perhaps be one of the most trying aspects of student life. Before attending, you have to decide whether or not you can be happy in an all-woman environment, and if you are unsure, or come in with the mindset that you'll just get through the next four years, Smith College is not the place for you.


Someone who wants to be in a large school in a large city should not attend Smith. Also, someone who prefers large lecture classes a lot of the time.


Someone who is overly party focused, or focused on dating a lot. There's a normal amount available, but if its all you want to do go elsewhere.


Someone who isn't open-minded.


Someone with an open-mind and with few prejudices. Also, a woman who realizes how wonderful an all-women environment can be and how helpful it can be to raise self-confidence and esteem.


People who are not open to different opinions and lifestyles. People who are easily shocked my alternative lifestyles and attitudes. Intolerant people who are very vocal about their intolerance would not do well here.


It's a great College but very academically challenging. Someone who doesn't enjoy a high stress environment might want to reconsider going to College here, that said, there are plenty of opportunities to blow off steam by particpiating in amazing dance classes, sports, or equestrain.


Someone who is uncomfortable with women, dependant on male company. Someone who is uncomfortable around liberal ideas.