Smith College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The energy with which people express themselves and talk about their passions. People come to Smith either because they have something they are eager to study, or because they are passionate in everything they do and are looking for a way to channel that energy, which I think is amazing.


The academic opportunities and study abroad options.


The best thing about my school is the community of intelligent and empowering women. Being surrounded by such women brings out the best in you. Your way of thinking will continuously be challenged throughout your being here. You will evolve into an overall better version of yourself. The women that you befriend here will mold you into a more confident, more open-minded, more intelligent, more aware version of yourself.


The academic resources, the beautiful campus, the town, the variety of passionate students and faculty.


The best thing about Smith is the information about life that you learn outside of class. At Smith there are some amazing women that you are able to meet from all over the world. Everyone has there own story and you are able to learn from them in ways you couldn't imagine if you did not have the opportunity.


The bes thing about my school is how small it is. This means that my classes are small and I learn better in my classes. This also means I have a strong sense of community because I know a lot of the students on campus and we all do group activites.


The housing system provides an opportunity for the students to grow into a very close knit community. Whenever I come home there's always someone there to ask me how my day was.


My school has a great deal of diversity. I have grown from the exposure to various cultures.


Most of the houses are very nice, and the school is working to renovate the ones that have problems.


Dorms. They are well furnished, comfortable and cozy. A lot better than most colleges and universities in the U.S.


Being surrounded by so many smart women who are passionate about learning.


Freedom in academic career - choosing your own path at the school. Not having core/basic requirements. The HOUSING!!!


The rich history of tradition at the school and their prestigious alums. I am a third generation Smithie and I hope my daughter will also attend Smith.


Tolerant environment. Extremely intelligent people. Beautiful campus.


The staff. While the faculty are great, it's really the staff that are amazing. Whether it's a department secretary or one of the cooks in your house, they're definitely the people you go to and can be a real help when you need it.


Everyone at Smith is friendly, encouraging and inclusive.


The people, and the confidence gained by being in an all-female environment.