Snead State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The biggest word of advice I would give myself is to embrace me. Do not go to college trying to change yourself to fit or to make others happy, but to embrace the woman that you are today. People will constantly try to critique you, judge you, and pressure you. People do not realize how hard college life can be, and finding your identity through college can be a struggle. I always remember that I am the best version of me, and learning to embrace that understanding sooner would have been a huge step for me in my college career. So I tell all of the students of the world to go into college being the confident you, and receive the fact that you are not worthless, lost, or unvalued but that you have a bright future ahead. Do not let anyone tear you down because you are worth it, you are great, and you are enough!


If I could go back in time and tell myeslf something, it would be to not sweat it! Times are gonna get hard, classes are going to be hard, and your going to get stressed out! But that is all a part of the college experience! I would also tell myself to not wait... Just go straigt into college... Don't worry about getting a job to make that "Money." Education is more important, and what that education leads to, in the long run, is way better then staying in a minimum wage job for the rest of your life! Also, search for those scholarships! Even a little bit can go a long way... And don't give up searching just because it feels hopeless! Trust me, there is hope, and there are TONS of scholarships out there! You just have to look, and don't stop looking!


There are many things I would tell myself if I could go back in time. I have learned many things during my time at college I wish I had known before I started. College is completely different from high school. The most important thing that I would tell myself would to be open for new things such as friends, clubs, and classes. Something else I would tell myself is not to procrastinate and do work as soon as possible and spend more time on it. I would also tell my self to study as much as possible, and get a good nights sleep. Another thing that I would tell myself is to set goals and reach them. These are a few of the things I would tell myself if I could go back in time.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would have listened more to the speakers that came to my high school and when we went to college fairs. I would have worked harder in my school studies so that would have helped me when I stared college. I would have taken alot more classes that I needed for my major and not just the easy ones. I would have done a lot of things different!


Study, study, study. In college, you are not going to be given your diploma on a silver platter. You must work hard and keep up with your ownself. Don't worry about how the other students do, worry about yourself. You must be dedicated and willing to try your best. Nothing in life is free or just handed to you, you must work at it until you finally get the best. Growing up, people said I would never make it, although it is tough, I am proud to say that I am making it. If you are not devoted then college is not for you. Always stay on top of your work. Never give up on what you believe.


First of all, take a chill pill! Seriously. There's nothing to get stressed out about. The best thing for you to do, Meg, is to sit down with a pencil and paper and write out what you're interested in, where you want to go, and what your possiblities are reaching that goal. Then you need to get started early. Do not procrastinate. I KNOW YOU WANT TO!! Come on, sit down now and get started. Then you need to go to your counselor and ask about any scholarship opportunities avaliable for you, and when she says yes, take them and apply for them; don't leave them in your back pack where they become unforgotten until months down the road and the deadline has already passed. Get organized and apply to fastweb and read up on scholarship information through that website. It is very important to stay open minded and keep your ears and eyes open to opportunities for you. You should also talk to advisors at schools your interested in and read up on student life, school life, and living at each place. Focus on what is best for you, Meg, because afterall, it's your future.


I would tell myself how important it is to start study at least a week in advance for each test. College is serious and you don?t have time to wait until the last minute to work on your school work. Every single grade counts a lot more than it did in high school. Be organized! Keep a calendar of your school work. I would also tell myself not to take my harder classes during volleyball season. Get active in organizations and stay active. Do not be afraid to go see teachers as often as needed to. I would also say, not to stress too much and enjoy the experience!


Adam you need to take high school serious, because it will help u one day. Do not miss school unless you just have to, because in college if you you get far behind. In college it is hard for you to understand lessons if you are not there, because teachers do not go back over stuff like they do in high school. You really will get to see what the real world is all about face to face when you have to leave home and mom and dad is not there to help u along. There is no one there to tell you what to do you have to do it on your own. I believe that anyone who wants to do something with there life can and become what they want to be you just got to have will-power.


I would tell myself to work a little harder at everything that I do. I never realized that the small things matter, too. Every test grade factors in. I would also tell myself to participate in everything. Participation in clubs and activities open up oppurtunity at school. I have met so many people and made so many helpful, useful contacts because of my participation in athletics and clubs. Making the transition from high school to college can be a stressful time, but it doesn't have to be. I would tell myself that getting to know people helps with the process. Meeting people and making friends makes college life enjoyable and unforgetable.


I would tell myself to not worry about the petty things being said around me. Most high school seniors are only worried about popularity and their status among the others. I would have told myself to focus more on being a good person and not to worry about popularity. In the end no one is going to care who was the prom queen or the best athlete, but they will remember the way someone treated others. There is a lot more to life than high school, even though it may not seem like it at the time. Focus on being a good friend and a great student, and find true friends that will always be there no matter what.


Well, if I could go back to high school, I would make sure to start college immediately. I started work right out of high school and started a life on my own. At the age of 19, I had a set of twin boys and that is where I have been for the last 19 years. One of my sons, repeated the very same mistakes. He has a wife now and a son that is one year old. Needless to say, I have 6 in the house now instead of 4. My son and his wife work but do not make enough to live on their own. That is why I am applying for a scholarship. I can not afford to pay for classes muchless nursing school. I was going to take my anatomy II, starting today but could not afford to pay my dues. I really want to go to school for RN studies. Thank you for considering me for a scholarship.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and to concentrate more, study more , and do more homework.


Looking back now I wish I would have studied more. I would tell myself to study, work harder, and listen better in class. I am not very good at paying attention in class and that is one thing I needed to work on while still in high school to help me improve my college listening skills. I would also tell myself to study. I was very bad about studying for tests and quizes. I never really studied hard, I would start to study then stop. Now I am not good at studying at all. I am following in the same path about studying because that is what I am used to. I need to start studying more, and I would go back and tell myself that.


As a high school senior I wanted to go straight to a major university. I am glad I chose otherwise. At the time I was not too happy about this decision, but I went where I got the scholarship. I am convinced this was the best decision I could have possibly made. I would reassure myself that going to a community college does not make me inferior to my classmates who attend four year schools. By going to Snead State, I have never been just another face in the crowd.