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I am attending the online program offered by University of Phoenix which is not listed. This university is unique because gone is the traditional classroom setting and the ease of being able to log in to class at any time of day or night to do work is fantastic for a busy mom like me. The ability to interact with the instructor and classmates is like being in a traditional classroom but without the need to leave your home. I am saving money in parking and gas which is always a plus especially living in Southern California.


The school's campus is beautiful and the student body is small so everyone is like a family. The dorm rooms are clean with two people sharing one private bathroom. Our school has many international students with students from 30 different countries and everyone who attends gets to go study abroad for one semester in a country of the language they learned.


I love SUA!! It's like a big fat family.. but although it is some small, sometimes students fall through the cracks and we dont notice.. maybe because we're so caught up on our academics, and on bettering ourselves and our environment to contribute to our communities after leaving this place. I'm really not sure why really... but I don't think that because it is such a small place, some students often find themselves feeling "lonely" and sad. Maybe it happens at every small university, but I wouldn't know.. =) Other than that the Soka Bistro is wonderful!! We always have such good foods and desserts! The meal plan in not separate from room and board so basically all students are able to eat in the dinning hall. We swipe our student id cards and are able to walk in and out as we please!


there will be times at sua where you will want to just sit alone and cry. That is not possible, your friends will be by your side comforting you, wiping your tears and telling you how your eye make up is getting super ruined. Soka helps you grow ALOT as a person. you will be able see and tell how you have changed from your freshman year: for the better. You WILL learn how to think outside the box, but how never to change your true essence. ever. another very important thing being, unfavourable situations happen to everyone. but whats important is, how you deal with it, which states your charachter. and THIS is what you will learn to do here. to check out the school website: BEST OF LUCK!!!


Besies the academics, many students are focused on the development of the university. Students believe that they are themselves the administrators of this school. We have faculty selection, academic forums, student forums... it's all about democracy: involvement and participation.