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What are the academics like at your school?


Although very challenging, even compared to Ivy League schools, it is unbiased and very enjoyable.


All professors know about the students, their name (not know them by a number), and care deeply. Some aaaawesome professors prepare tea for their students out of the kindness of their heart. Others give make themselves available not only during office hours, but also come to campus at very early hours of the morning just to help out students. The classes are really small so it's easy for students to engage in discussion and hear from every person in the class. However, classes are challenging and keep students very busy. Some are better than others at managing their time, but even if some are able to keep their classwork under control, they always end up getting involved in way too many activities, clubs, organizations, etc. --> Students are always busy here!


1) average class size is 13 students. 2) with the amazing 9:1 student prof ratio... it really makes it easier to talk to profs. 3) you have to work hard. but its good, coz it will help you in the future :) 4) the largest class size is 18 students. 5) professors take personal interest in helping you get through class: whether that means bringing tea to an afternoon class, or being able to talk to them informally. 6) you can ALWAYS talk to a prof. 7) they support you in what you are going for, they will remember the goals you have set for yourself and shared with them. and time to time they will ask how much closer you are to that goal. And, if they can help :D


Students all graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts with a concentration either in International Relations, Humanities, Social and Behaviroal Sciences or Environmental Science. Many students are interested in Economics (SBS), Education (SBS), Philosophy (Humanities) and working in NGOs. The student-faculty ratio is 9:1. Professors know you by name, but usually nickname. Some of the professors here are known world-wide. Some nation-wide. All the professors I've had in the past two years have all been outstanding. During the office hours, I not only get to talk to my professors on an academic level, but also on a personal level. I discuss with them about societal issues, campus issues, past life stories, what to do in the future, etc. I am constantly challenged to CRITICALLY THINK about issues at hand. Critical thinking happens beyond the classrooms at Soka. But the course offerings aren't great. Because it's a small school, some courses are only offered every two years. Even though the course names may be the same, the quality of the course is dependent on who the instructor is. But the awesome ones are REALLY awesome. I can't thank them enough for how much they have done for me. Soka has a 24hour room next to the library. People can access the 24hr room anytime of the day or night. The international students study like there's no tomorrow, so it's stimulating and inspiring everytime I go there to study. I feel like everyone influences each other into rigorous academic study. Class participation is mandatory at Soka, but I feel that people go to class not because they simply have to, but because they want to learn for the sake of learning.