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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Although there are only about 400 students are SUA, we have more or less 70 student clubs so students are really involved in extracurricular activities. When students cannot find a club that meets their needs, they usually start their own =)


1) there are over 40 clubs on campus. and if you want to make one: Go ahead. its simple and fast. 2) there are many things that will keep you occupied. 3) easy to find a job oncampus 4) to women: there are more of us than the men. so, if you are single and are looking for a boyfriend. chances are there are 10 other girls thinking the same and going for the same guy you are out to get. 5) to men: LUCKY you! but you BETTER treat Soka women with respect.


Soka has about 30+ clubs. One of the most popular ones are Josho Daiko (Japanese Drums), Rhythmission (hip-hop dancing group), Salsa club (salsa dancing), Ghunguroo (indian dancing), Bahngra (another type of Indian dance), and Soka Education Student Research Project (SESRP). SESRP researches on Soka education (pedagogy of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, who's known as the Dewey of Japan) and holds an annual Soka Education conference each February. A lot of our students leave their doors propped open, so people can come in and out of their rooms freely. We have a lot of guest speakers visit us throughout the year. Dr. Chowdhury (former UN Secretary General) held a one-week class and a learning cluster this year. We've also had Betty Williams, Jin In, and more. There are a lot of couples on campus in my opinion. But there seems to be a lot of drama involved because people end up dating their friend's ex...