Somerset Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Somerset Community College Has the most wonderful staff every professor that I have had has been overly helpful, there has not been a time when I have had questions that they have gone on answered. I have been made to feel like that this is where I belong. I Like Just 2 more semesters to achieve my goal, The encouragement That I have recieved has been very overwhelming, Because in the beginning I almost gave up. But I was told that I could do this. I am very glad I continued. My advisor and professors are the most awesome people.


It has one of the best nurseing programs in kentucky.


The best thing about Somerset Community College is the personal attention one gets from attending a community college verses a University. The classrooms are smaller making them more personal. The teachers are more readily accessible in a smaller classroom setting then a larger one. In my classroom everyone knows everyone?s names and is comfortable asking questions. The teachers provide a very relaxed atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable to use my individual style of learning. I have never had to wait over 24 hours on a response to any question.


That it is so close to home.