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It has a beautiful campus with relatively small class sizes. The atmosphere is good and it is usually quiet.


It's really close to home, and the mascot is a SeaWolf.


This school is wonderfully located in the North Bay, conviently close to the coast as well as San Francisco. The University recently just built a new science facility with new smart classrooms and great laboratories.


Sonoma State University is a reletivley small school, totaling about 9,000 students. This makes it very easy to get around and I get to see a lot of the same faces around campus. I feel very comfortable at Sonoma.


Sonoma State University is smaller compared to others. This gives the advantage of having one on one time with professors. In my experience, I was failing my exams. I needed help, and was able to have the time with my professor to go over what I needed to improve and to succeed on my final two exams. The time he spent with me included two hours out of his day that did not include office hours. I did succeed in my last two exams and received an A in the class. The opportunity to have this time was unique.


Its very libral, and very much community orriented


When I imagined what college would be like, I imagined huge buildings, enormous lecture classes, a large campus with crowds of people bustling around, loud music, parties, and kids flying by on skateboards late to class. Sonoma is everything BUT that picture. Except for the skateboards. Sonoma is a small, quiet school that's actually very environmentally conscious. We are one of the "greenest" campuses around. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Also, our dorms HAVE to be the best dorms in the country. Honest. They're like apartments, come see for yourself :)


My campus is very green and eco-friendly. Our rec center is made completely of recycled materials including solar panels. We also have many clubs including the Residential Student Association which run programs on a weekly basis to help on camps residents meet people and get to know each other.


The most important factor for my choice in SSU was the location. As a single parent my schedule is tightly booked and driving to Sacramento or San Francisco would have severly disrupted my good parenting. Secondly, SSU has an amazing children's care program on site. I had the most amazing experience of having lunch with my daughter between classes. That is unique and one-of-a-kind wonderful.


the class sizes, and the living areas are really nice,


This school was the perfect size in a beautiful city. The area is so nice. The proffesors are great. This school really seemed to be about the students and was small enough so it could be about the students. THe other schools I liked were to big. I felt at them I would not be an individual but an id number. Sonoma state offered me a place to have fun, make friends, and learn at the same time.


It has many charle brown pictures and statues becuase charles shultz 's wife donated money to our school. It has a fun atmosphere and there is always something new to discover. The campus housing is nicer than most schools.


My school is the perfect size and is very envirnomentally friendly. It feels more like a community than just a place where you get and education.


There is a big sense of community and being enviroment-friendly.


its small


I feel like our dorm situation makes our school somewhat unique because they are either very nice suites or full on apartments. Each apartment has four bedrooms (some are double or singles) with four bathrooms. There is usually a kitchen involved with a spacious living room. Students seem to attract to the dorms when they come and visit. Another thing that makes us unique is our sports life. We don't have a football team but we do have a phenomonal baseball and soccer teams.


It is a small school with a family feel. YOU really can get to know people here.


SSU is great. I love it up here. I'm close to home if I want to head home but far enough away to the point where I can feel independent and live on my own. The location of SSU is great. We're nestled right up against Sonoma Mountain and the wineries are cool in the fall when they turn gold. The girl to guy ratio is amazing here, for every 1 guy there are 6 girls, who's gonna argue against that?!

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