Sonoma State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Professors get to know you, student to teacher ratio is small, students often use resources like the library, and many graduates are often successful in finding jobs.


Courses at Sonoma State are challenging yet not impossible. Sonoma state offers real supportive staff focused on making sure you graduate and develop as a person to help you acheive your academic potential.


Some of Sonoma State University's strongest majors are Business, Kinesiolgy, Biology, Environmental Studies and Planning, Human Development, Liberal Studies in Hutchins, Nursing and Psychology. The Nursing program is a great program that may be a little difficult to get into but is defintely worth it with its 100% passing rate on the Nursing test. Hutchins Liberal arts is a great program for people who would like to teach Kindergarden through fifth grade. The Hutchins Liberal arts program will get those students there teaching credential and bachelors degree in four years guaranteed. Business is currently the most popular major at Sonoma State University.


The great thing about SSU is that professors are here to teach! Professors will definitely know your name and face and will take you and their jobs as professors seriously. You will have professors teaching ALL of you're lectures and you will never see a teacher assistant run a class room. Academics are very competitive at SSU and the students take it seriously. Students are encouraged to actively partcipate in class discussions and to take part in out of class learning experiences.


The professors here really seem to care about their students. With the undergrad population being around 8,500, it's nice being a name and not just a number. Professors actually attempt to get to know you personally (in your upper-division classes). Lecture classes aren't anymore then 125 students which is small compared to schools like UCLA or Berkeley where their halls can hold 400 easily. It's funny though, on test days in lecture classes the halls fill and you see people you had no idea were in the class...since you're so used to seeing the same faces.

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