Sonoma State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek Life makes up about 16% of the campus. Many other students are involved in sports clubs, etc. Students have a great community life within their dorms as well.


There is so much to do in Sonoma County its imposible to name them all. If you can think it, its either near or on Sonoma States campus.


Intramural sports are definetely very popular. There is a vast amount of sports that a student can pick from. Intramural sports even has two leagues available, one for more competitive athletes, and another for people who just play for fun. About 15% of the student body is involved in Greek life. Joining a fraternity or sorrority is definetely a lot of fun and provides a lot activies and a great social group.


I'd say if you want to be involved in something at SSU and you're not athletically inclined, greek is the way to go. Once I went greek I networked with all of the other greek organizations and have made friends for life. Greeks are known on campus, especially with the small number of us; but we don't let that hinder us from making our presence known. If you're not in to the drinking/partying scene SSU provides alternatives to this. Every Saturday night the school hosts a movie night that shows a film still in theaters, and they're usually pretty good movies. Free pizza usually accompanies the free movie, it's pretty sweet. If you're awake at 2am you're doing one thing and one thing only...sitting on your Facebook account waiting, hoping, for someone to be awake and notice your latest picture comment, wall post, and bumper sticker you just sent's sad but it's true. lol. How do you think I stumbled upon this? lol.

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