Sonoma State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love sonoma state for its small population, clean and beautiful campus, and the people. I dislike that the relationship between the town and college is poor and does not incorporate Greek Life.


its great


its great


Sonoma State is a school where academics, campus life, and a calm environment clash to provide students with an exceptional education. Sonoma State is a hidden gem that must be seen in order to be believed.


To start off with Sonoma State University is a beautiful campus. The gorgeous landscape is noticeable as soon as you set foot on the school. Apart from having a great environment to be surronding us Sonoma State's academics are top notch. I am a business student and I can honestly say that i personally believe that Sonoma State Business is one of the best in the CSU system and is also the most popular major at Sonoma State University.


Sonoma State is a small campus where you feel at home. It is really easy to get involved and the small campus size allows students to have full access of diffrerent reasources offered on campus. Even though we are one of the smaller CSU campuses Sonoma State is still competitive in admissions and offers a variety of great programs. One thing that I would change about SSU would be the "college town" environment. Because our school is fairly new (est. 1960) we are working our way to form our own unique traditions on campus and aroudn the community.


I love the size of SSU. It's just right for me. I love the fact that I can sleep in 10 minutes till class and then jump out of bed and just walk to class and still make it in before the professor. When I tell people I go to SSU most reactions I get is "oh are you a viticulture major (wine making)?" That gets old after awhile. Something I don't like is when the SoCal kids knock on NorCal...HELLO!! You're going to school up here, you gotta adjust to us saying "hella" and "hyphy". It's cool that you're from SoCal but once up here, don't whine or complain, you CHOSE to come here, lol. Rohnert Park is a quiet little town, not meant to have a university in it. The town can't handle all 8,500 of us and the cops have nothing better to do but break up our parties with 5 squad cars, a k9 unit, 3 unmarked cars, and a SWAT van; this is a normal Saturday night break up force. The walk of shame out of a house with the cops lining the walk way with their flashlights doesn't phase me anymore, just a normal night out. One unusual thing about SSU is that we are in a very liberal county, and with that come some VERY interesting people. I'm not phased anymore by the 40+ year old lady who wears a tye-dye shirt with a wolf on the front, dreads, and reeks of B.O.

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