Sonoma State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who loves school spirit and thrives on community oriented places should not attend this school. In order to become actively involved, you must go out by yourself and meet new people.


Someone who really is career structured and that is all they are looking for. The alumi situation is not great and a lot of companies do not recruit on campus. As well as someone who really wants a big school feel with sports this is not right for you.


Honestly, this is a very beautiful university. This university doesn't have anything wrong with it, but I feel that my thoughts on who shouldn't go to this school don't just apply to this school, I believe that it applies to all universities. I think those who aren't really the typical "college type," shouldn't go to university. For example, I am one who loves a beautiful town/city, away from home, and I love being on my own, but I do not like to party, and I don't like to waste time.


This school is a great school for any student who may want to explore many interests and various opportunities. If a student wanted to attend a large populated school and a school with a wide range of diversity this may not be there choice of school.


The kind of person that should not attend Sonoma State University is unneighborly. Since it is such a small campus there is not the feeling of anonymity you might get at larger schools. This campus has a tight-knit community filled with people who want to help you along your path to sucess. At Sonoma State University you will likely get to know your professors on a first name basis and you are guaranteed to see familiar faces everywhere you go!


Someone who should not attend Sonoma State University would be a person who loves city life. SSU is in a very small, quiet town and is surrounded by more small towns. SSU has strict rules concerning the dorms so people who are used to getting away with things will have to adjust. People with severe allergies might not want to go here because the campus is full of beautiful flowers and trees; which are problematic during fall and spring.


If you are a slacker, don't even think about it! This school has high expectations for their students, and they reward those students who work hard and do well.


Their is a variety of courses and departments, so it is open to everyone. However, Sonoma State University is a student oriented facility, focusing its attention on the community on and off campus. Sonoma State University is not a party school, it requires work, and semi high academics to succeed in any department. A lot of clubs, organizations, and buildings are student run, with only supervision of faculty. This focuses much on leadership and involvement. If a person is not willing to give extra time to the campus they live on, it may not be a wise decision.


a shy one


The more diversity that attends this campus the better. I don't believe anyone should discount Sonoma State for its weaknesses. The only kind of person that shouldn't attend SSU would be the same type of person who doesn't value their education. SSU cares about its students yet won't interfere with your plans for yourself. One can be as involved as they want. So perhaps a person who wants to be left alone should not attend here.


If your first choice is a party school, big city, or purly academic school, steer clear. There are always parties, mostly sub-free, and we are close to San Francisco, and value academia, but we are nothing like UCLA, MIT, or UCSB


Someone who is looking for a small school with small classes. Someone who would like an intimate environment and enjoys being a homebody, preferring to hang out with friends at a dorm and watch a movie rather than have a raging party.


People who should not attend this school would be party people, city people, lazy people, and procrastinators.


If a student is going to school strictly for the social campus life this school is not the one. There are no Fraternities or Sororities on this campus Students here seem much more focused on their studies rather than the extra curricular activities. Also if a student is intimidated by affluence this school is filled with the privileged. With that being said it seems to be a large population of republican minded student body. The racial diversity here is about .5% with the same lack of diversity off campus.


If they want a smaller more nature oriented studying environment i suggest ssu. People up here are friendly and the school is very open to liberal arts. Hardcore conservatives should steer clear because they wont find a soul to agree with. Partying here is plentiful and small get togethers can be found but the bigger party schools are santa barbara and chico, definately not rohnert park.

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