Sonoma State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My favorite part of Sonoma State is being able to comfortably express my interests while having the support from my classmates and professors to make my dreams a reality. It's a privelage to walk around campus and see familiar, friendly faces of students and professors. With a smaller school population, there is a higher possibility for you to actually get to know your professor on a personal level as well as the people you regularly pass in the hall ways. Sonoma State gives you the tools to make a successful, interactive, and enjoyable college experience.


The smaller departments usually have smaller classes, and more supportive faculty than bigger departments.


There are two great things about Sonoma State; the dorms and the school population size. The dorms create such a comfortable atmosphere because they are practically brand new, spacious, and completely furnished. The other great aspect of SSU is the size! I love having such a tight- knit community rather than a huge student body. The students are enabled to have personal relationships with their teachers and recieve more one-on-one help with assignments and tutoring.


Their are no best things about my school. I am hoping to transfer becuase I am unhappy at Sonoma State.


I like the small size and type of people that attend Sonoma State. The people are very personable and friendly. the faculty and staff is also helpful in nearly every situation and their main focus is giving us the best education they are capable of. I also enjoy the seminars and speakers SSU has come to the campus.


The best thing about my school would have to be the teachers. Due to the smaller class sizes, it is easier for students to form relationships with their professors. I have learned that forming relationships with your professors makes it easier to succeed in class because if you are friends with your teachers, it is easier for you to ask for help when you need it.


I consider the class sizes, surrounding area, dorms, environmental awareness and technology aspects of Sonoma State to be the best things.


The best thing about this school in my opinion is the one on one personal time you get with your teachers. I like the fact that all of my teachers know my first name. I do not need to feel strange or like im impeding when I go talk to any of my teachers. They always have time to talk with me if I have questions about the material covered in class.


small class sizes and abundancy of help


I consider the atmosphere of the school to be the best thing. There is a friendly face everywhere you turn. If someone is having a bad day, there is always to get a "pick me up". I worked at the Recreation Center for four years and was always greated by friendly faces and did my best to return a smile to anyone who walked in the door. I believe the students who attend Sonoma State are there to improve their lives not just in education.


It's not too big and it isn't too small. It is open to all kinds of people.


The people. SSU seems to draw in a great crowd of people. I love my teachers too.


Everyone is incredibly nice and helpful, from peers to teachers. It's a small school, so there is not the competitiveness of other schools. Forming close friendships that will last a lifetime happens here becuase the people who choose this school come with a similar mind set of what they want out of life.


Its libral, environmental friendly, its a small school, and its community orriented


The best thing about Sonoma State is it's size. As a young'un I was put through Catholic school for every year of my academic career, so a sudden change to a large bustling campus might have freaked me out. Sonoma's small campus gives it a family feel...I rarely walk to class without seeing two or three people that I can chat with before realizing I'm late. The people are really friendly, and it's definitely a relaxed and chilled out environment. I couldn't ask for more in a school.


The environment is awesome with redwood trees all around and fresh air. The campus is small enough that you get to know people well.


The quaint and beautiful campus make it easy to maintain a positively focused mind. Smaller class sizes make it easier to meet with professors.


I consider the school and the residental community the best things about it. it is always busy and everyone is here to learn, but at the same time having fun. in a month you will meet more people then you could immagine.


I like the location, campus size, and terrain.


The best thing about my campus is the area surrounding it, as well as the influential teachers. I love Sonoma County, it is quiet while still being an upbeat college neighborhood. It is a great place to start college, feeling comfortable with your neghbors, while being close to many resourceful locations. The teachers are amazing! They have taught me so much and I am thankful for everyone of them.




The ability to meet new people. Be accepted for who you are. The programs offered

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