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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My first and formost word of advice to myself my senior year would be to, "Search, search, and search for scholarships and grants. You can never apply too many times. Also do not avoid scholarships that require essays." I would also tell myself that, "Procrastination is your down-fall. If you are having trouble with an assignment, get tutoring, or talk to the professor to get help. Do not just quit because you are frustrated." Finally I would say, "Stay off the computer unless you are doing homework. It is a time-waster and a distraction."


The most important advice I would give myself would be to know what I want to major in before I start college. I started college with a degree in Education, then I changed it to psychology, which I have a degree in now. I'm back in school because I want to become a teacher. I felt like I wasted four years of college and student loans on a degree that I am more than likely not going to use. I would also tell myself to stay away from student loans and credit cards. I should have saved more money, or at least gotten a job before I started school. Paying off student loans and credit cards is a very hard thing to do. If I would have known the things that I know now, I would be teaching, have less student loans and no credit cards. My advice would be to have an idea of what you want to do and go for it.


If I could go back to my high school years I'd tell myself first enjoy, get your GPA up you can learn stop being lazy, handel your business. I would also tell myself to prepare for college and go straight from high school. I'd say Desiree you have the rest of your life for boys get your education because education determines your future. Also think of how SEXY you'll be with a bachelor degree, think of your INDEPENDANCE, think of your INCOME potential. I would tell myself know you WORTH your VALUE as a WOMEN always demand RESPECT and always carry yourself with the up most RESPECT and never just Settle. You deserve more no matter what anyone says. I'd say this my sound like a speech now but trust that this is real and very important for women to remember. Most of all Love Yourself even if you think no one else does You (which is key) You Love yourself, because if y can't love yourself why would y expect anyone else to. Smile don't be so angry. It's a waste of time


I would convenice myself to a least get a brochure and find out more information about the school of my choice. Knowing that I would be a single parent soon, I would talk to other single parents in school to find ways to get help. I would tell myself to give it a try and and if I don't suceed I would be able to walk away with no regrets. Knowing what I know now I would keep telling myself don't give up because you have someone who will oneday want to follow in your footsteps and you have to be a positive role model. It will be challengeing and their will be times you will feel like giving up, but if you stick in their your reward will not only come from those who look up to you such as: your child or little sibblings,but also from yourself . you will feel proud and completed knowing you 've suceeded. After you graduate you will know you have what it take to suceed in life.


My best advice to me would be to get an education early in life, it offers so many more choices. Having been employed for almost 30 years and losing a job due to economic conditions makes one think about the choices made early in life. Holding down a full time job and raising a family makes the transition to college life difficult at best. I made the choice to go to college based on a lack of options, I would advise me to get an education early and have the choices of careers that a degree offers. This would be about the best advice I could give myself knowing what i do now.