South Carolina State University Top Questions

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SCSU is an HBCU University


The only unique about South Carolna State is that most of the professors there have a Phd in their field of choice.


I believe that what's so unique about my school is its spirit. Even though it is very old and small, we see it as historic and tight knit. Students suppport each other in different events, and we wear our colors proudly. No matter what happens with staff, or if we're having a bad day, when it comes time to throw on our garnet and blue we're ready.


South Carolina State looks out for their students in many ways.


What is very unique about my school is that they are very big on school spirit any type of sporting event or art event that goes on we have a very good crowd of people that come out to see what their peers can do.


There is nothing like a SC State HBCU Band!


My school gives chances for the embetterment of students on many levels


Here at SC State University, I majored in the field of education. Unlike other schools, upon graduation, all education majors are certified to teach in the state of South Carolina.


Being at SCSU you feel welcomed by your peers. there is a strong "bulldog" family that most students feel as they matriculate through the university. although SCSU is not rated as the highest institution of higher education, the degree that you earn is valued and looked at with great concern. the university prepares students for everyday challenges and does not let anyone graduate without having that BULLDOG PRIDE.




its not to big and its not to small--the right fit


The most unique characteristics that set this school apart from other schools is how warm and family like it feels on campus. If you are involved you will get every oppurtunity possible. The more involved, the better you are.