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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Location and Education


Get your financial aid strait first , Visit colleges and dorms, talk to students in the department of major, RESPECT the Marching Band Always, and remember YOU INVENT YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE !


I believe that communcation is key. Working with your high school consulors is the first step to plan out what you are looking for in a college. I also believe that avoiding the common mistakes while just looking at colleges will save a lot of time. For example, it is best to not rely on someone else?s opinion.




The advice I would give parents and students about finding the right school is make sure you do your research and to make sure the students are mentally prepared for their new type of work load and lifestyle. When I say make sure you do your research I mean make sure the school has your major, they are accredited, they have a high graduation rate, and they have the resources to help you get a job upon graduation. when I say make sure the students are mentally ready for your new work load I mean make sure you realize it is different from high school when your teachers and your parents really took care of you. In college your professors give you a syllabus and expect you to follow it. They do not like late work and rarely accepted it. You have to be able to balance a social life while balancing a heavy work load and know there will be no one there to wake you up in the morning and make you go to class. You have to be responsible for your future.


The best advice I would give and parent or student is to take your time with finding the right college and be prepared for all the things college comes with. Start early in high school with looking for a good school. And when you find the school that you want, go on and make preparations such as, take your ACT/SAT, fill out all your paperwork for the school and just be on top of things so that you won't be behind on anything. College can be easy if you just dedicate yourself to getting through it. Anything is posibble if you put your mind to it.


Advice that I would give parents is to let their child find a university that suits the child and don't pressure them into going where you would like them to go and majoing in what you want them to major in. My advice to students would be to have fun and make the most of your experience while getting your education. Reminder: You don't pay all of this money for nothing!


Make sure to consider the people as well as the campus life when you are choosing a college. Also make sure you keep up with your grades as well as having fun.


Always do full research of any University that may draw your intrest. Be sure that the University fits you major of study best and always match the campues enviroment to you social activity GOOD LUCK!


I would tell anyone to first figure out what the student's career goals are. Then choose a college that tailors most to that field. Such as, if they aspire to be an English teacher, then look into to Liberal Arts institutions (i.e. Claflin University). If they are interested in landscaping or taking over their father's farming industry, look into agricultural institutions (i.e. Clemson University). Once they have choosen several institutions to apply, make time to visit those schools and talk to the faculty there. Try to interact with some of the students there as well. See which institution fits best with them and what they want to do. Also talk to the financial aid departments there as well to see what aid is available. Then make the choice based on the best overall institution.


Make sure that college will adhere to your needs. Make sure it caters to your career goals and ambitions. If you find out that it is not best for your future, transfer. Its better to do sooner than later when you have too many credits.


Before even thinking of college you must or it is very advised that you search for scholarships, grants, etc inorder to fund schooling and school needs. Before you acctually make a decision to attend a college or university its great that you take a college tour befor you make final thoughts. And to make the most out of it you cannot be an individual who is close minded to things not and you must be willing to try and make the best of things even in the worst situations.


Let the child visit the place for atleast a week without your supervision to see if they will adjust an can handle a traditional college setting!


make sure the u have the money and save early. look a the school u would like to stay at and dont go to college to college and dont be like me and go to the first college that got me here for there use only like sports and give no money for unless u can got or got the money for school first. im fight to stay in college but i might not make it so u plan ahead before u go to college because nobody tells u how hard it is until u go.


Make sure that is the college your son or daughter wants to go to. If they do not feel comfortable about going to school, let them take a semester off to refocus, mature, and make the right decision for them. While in college, get good grades and join school activities to have a great college experience.


Choose the school that is financially affordable and has a strong background in your major.


RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Find the college that fits your needs and wants the BEST. Visit the website of the school and pay attention to important facts (e.g. tuition, location, events and activities, etc.), visit the campus to pay attention to what is going on with the students, faculty and teachers and while you do that, you could even talk to a few to see what they like and dislike about the college of choice and take a tour of surrounding areas to make sure the school is in a satisfactory location because off campus areas are important also.


When searching for the right college, students and parents should look at colleges that have an exceptional program in the area of study or athletic program in which the student is interested in. They should know the history of the school as far a accreditation and graduation rate. Students should make sure that you visit college campuses to see if you like the size of the campus, size of the classes, housing, and you get to meet with the faculty and current students. Parents as well as students should make sure that they are prepared financially and ready to fill out FAFSA applications every year and that they take advantage of any scholarships opportunities. You should also factor in living and book expenses because they are not included in tuition. When you find the college that you are comfortable with be ready to get involved around campus and to face some challenges, but most of all be ready to enjoy the best years of your life.


Take your time.


My best advice for giving parents and students about finding the right college is, take the time out to view the campus, research possible scholarship offers, complete a survey in reference to the college, talk to the students already on campus, speak with the teachers, and view the location it is surrounded by. Always keep an open mind to the possibilities that are available if attending that college.


Take your time and use all of your resourses. Do not limit yourself because you don't feel like looking any further or you are too afraid. This will have you end up in a situation or place where you don't want to be. You will regret it in the long run. Key points, take your time, read, research, and ask questions. Once that is done and you find a place of comfort enjoy the place where u resign and make yourself at home. Find something to get into to keep you busy that you are interested in and and stay committed to it. Try to not to over do it and let it get in the way of your leisure time. If you believe in it and acheive your dreams go after it. The sky is the limit.


To the parents, I would say don't be afraid to let your child go. Allow them to attend the collge or university of their choice. By doing so, you will be allowing your child to learn more about themselves and others. To the students, I would say enjoy your college experience. Meet new people, join an organization, do community service, etc. I would also say, do your work. Don't get distracted with being social. Remember the reason why you came to college in the first place. My motto has always been to study hard so you can play later.


Advice to parents and student are in the exciting decision process of choosing a college, the decsion is yours! Choosing a college is your decision and I think that people need to look at all the aspects of the college/university. First decide what the student might want to major in as a career goal. Then look at the scholarships and financial aid availability. And most importantly GO VISIT THE COLLEGE. Most kids, I feel miss the importance of college because they go by the brochure. Become your own brochure and visit the school. Sit in on a class in the career your thinking of entering. Get to know the social aspect of the school. Is this the social aspect you think you and your parents are going to be satisfied with. Remember parents, college is the time for the kids to mature to young adults. And also make your parents aware of your decison. Communication is key in the decision process. Communication between parent and child, counselor and student, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE. And to the kids, do not forget that college is about obtaing a degree not a social merit for most parties attended. The choice is yours!


The advice i would give parents and students is that they find a school that will cater to the needs of their child. Or find a school that will give your child an opportunity to grow as a person and achieve a quality education and be successful people.


Do your research and make your choice carefully and be sure that you really want to go to college. Plan ahead with your finances. The worst thing to happen is getting into college and not having the money to attend.


do alot of research and let your child visit or stay on campus before they make their final decision


Visit each college and get to know and talk to students that already attend the college you would like to go to. Just make different friends (facebook) and network throughout different colleges like you would for a job.


Be yourself! I think this is a key component. New experiences equal new opportunities. Take advantage of them, but be yourself. Don't change to fit it plus people will respect you more. Don't ever take on more than you can handle. Finding the right college is more with knowing who you are and what you feel may be the best move for you. Social life is good but your paying to learn not to party so don't weigh thoughts on them alone.


Think and complete research before you make any decision...


The advice that I would give to parents and students trying to find the right college and making the most of the college experience would be that they find a campus where as soon as they walk on the campus, they feel at home. The student must learn TIME MANAGEMENT. Without TIME MANAGEMENT they will not succed.


The advice that I would give is to just find a school that you know you will feel comfortable at and the population. The school I attend is just right for me because it is not a large school. The most important thing to look at is if that school has your major. You don't want to go to a school that doesn't have your major unles you are going to a 2-year program and you plan on transfering to a 4-year instutuion. Other than that just find a school that you are going to like.


Allow your child to explore their options and let them go to school for something they want!


I would like to give parents and students.about finding th right college , I suggest that you do your research ask questions , get information about the school that you would like to attend. Ask the school to send out information about each college tht you are interested in, also find out if the college is offering schollarships and how much they are willing to give. If you are planning on going to college , my advide is to start researching before you are out of high school, get all your paper work in before you complete your senior year make sure that all your graduating test are taken and you pass them before you start sending out application for colleges. make sure that you have funding for school, and if you need to get extra financial help. Make sure that the college you want to attend offer what you want to major in. You also need to visit as many of the colleges you would like to attend.


Dont listen to what other people tell you! Go out, experience, and choose for yourself!


The efforts that you put into college will be reciprocated. A prospective student should evaluate the qualities or characteristics of each school that compares to what he or she is interested in. Base your choice on academics, before social factors. Parents and students should use all of pell grants and scholarships before the opt for student loans.


Selecting the right college for consideration is, perhaps, the most important part of choosing a college. In giving advice to both college students and their parents I would advise them to start early, focus on factors that are important to them, and to cast a wide net and narrow their choices based on additional information they gather. Selecting a large amount of about 20 to 25 colleges upfront would give them the flexibility to eliminate colleges that they decide would not suit them and would allow them to still have a full range of colleges to apply to. I would also advise them to visit the campus once they narrow down their decision. Doing this would allow both the student and the parent to objectively learn about the campus atmosphere, the students, the enviorment, and location. In considering these things this would help make choosing a college easier. Making the most of the college experience is very important. It is vital that a student enjoys their college experience so that they not only recieve a quality education, but also have lasting friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.


to look at the settings of the school and academics


While looking for a college, make sure you think about what you like to do. Think about how you like your surroundings and the people you would rather be around. Not everybody is made to go to a Historically Black College/ University. Nor is everybody made to go to a prodominantly white college. Make sure you do your research and visit the campuses you have in mind. If you are going to school with anyone you know try your best to stick with the, but get to know new people at the same time. Your friend list will grow and you will have a lot more fun. Your college experience is what you make it. No one can tell you what to do, but you must be responsible with all of your actions and never let what's important fall to the back burner: School comes first.


When you are looking for a college, for the ones who are not about to go to college just yet try to get into a summer program at the school, so you will be able to really see how it is. For the ones who are not able to this go and visit all of the dorms on campus and see how it really is. Talk to random students about the schools, don't talk to the ones that are there to help you because sometimes they are paid to make the school look and so some will tell the truth and some will not. So make sure you talk to somebody and not just one person a couple of people so that you get many opinions about the school.


Make sure its a school that you want to be at because if you're forced to go somewhere that was not your idea then you will not enjoy the college life to its full potential.


If I had a chance to give parents and students advice about selecting a college I would tell them that the should take in to consideration about the environment, the academic status, and the nature of the college or university. I would also tell them to choose the school wisely because when transferring to a different school that school might not accept all your credits so you should be somewhat sure if not positive about your selection.

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