South Carolina State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The school spirit, it makes you feel like your apart of an amazing bulldog family!


I can honestly say that i brag about the people because I was a little scared coming to college but once i got there everyone was so friendly. I feel like South Carolina State University is my family, It's my home and i wouldn't feel that way if it was for the people that attend.


State is one of the best schools in the state of South Carolina. The people here are so friendly and are willing to help others who want to help themselves, the student body is one of most dedicated for all sporting events and any other extracurricular activity that involve volunteering. The staff at SCstate are one of a kind, working in sync to make sure a student is squared away with financial aid. housing ect. Overall the social and learning aspects of this school are time managing and very bussiness oriented. Every day is a learning experience


I tell some students who ask me about South Carolina State University, I usually tell them that the Education department is a greatyou need department on campus. I also tell them some of the people I meet are going to be lifelong friends because when you need them they are always there.


I brag about the MARCHING 101 BAND. I am apart of the band and it is a very good program. And this program has helped music majors get to where they want to be in their music careers.


I brag about how live and spirit filled the campus is.


I tend to brag about the bond that many of the teachers have woth their students. I have always felt comfortable in each of my classes. I also brag about the level of respect the students on campus have for one another. We also have a great football team.


I brag about the football games, the band, the pretty people I see there, my grades and how the work is in my class.


School spirit




I brag most about the award winning gospel choir, in which i served as the secretary of the executive board, where I was responsible for all important documents. I also served as the section leader for the alto and soprano sesctions. We went to New York to compete with other colleges and universities across the US. We won 3 consecutive years at this competition.


I bragh about the band and how its the only thing thats poppin on campus.


THAT WE ARE THE BEST!!!! The Marching 101 Band...the best band in the land. The football team and basketball....MEAC CHAMPS!


About foot ball season and the majors we have that other schools don`t have


My friends, the fun, and the school spirit!


Its a great place to make new friends from all different walks of life.