South Carolina State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is ready to embrace racial, religious, and political differences while at the same time learning and collaborating together to create a better world is one who should attend South Carolina State University.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be self motivated to succeed.


Individuals who are people persons , like to be involved in the community, are friendly , social , responsible , outgoing and etc should attend this school. It's not a specif type anyone can and should attend this school if they wish.


Enjoy the rich culture and stay focused on completing your degree of study.


The type of person that should attend South Carolina State University needs to be finacially stable or has a full ride. They should have patience and be willing to learn.


Students coming out of high school that are looking for a great college life experience and education


The kind of person who should attend this school, is someone willing to learn and experience. Some who wants to embark on a cultural diaspora and a school with alot of developmental history. Also someone who is in to a community and campus based. Another type of person is someone who is in to sports and extracurricular activities.


no one


The kind of person that should a attend South Carolina State University is a well-rounded person. A person that will let no one come in his/her way when it comes to school work. A person that likes to have fun, but knows when to cut fun off and on. Thats what kind of person that should attend South Carolina State University.


I would reccomend a person that is outgoing, hard working, and goal oriented to attend this school. There are many differnt types of people that are at my school now and thats what makes it such an interesting and unique university.


Any type of person willing to work, and achieve their goals in any profession can attend this school. South Carolina State University is for everyone


A person is academically focused should attend this University.


i dont recommend this school to anyone, its very run down and the school is always trying to get over on you. the people that work at the school are rude and i dont think they really care about helping. if your just going to school to party, skip classes, not do your work but still get A's and B's then maybe this school is for you.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is focused and knows what they want in life. In addition, a person with realistic short and long term goals.


you can not be all about parties your main objective needs to be school.


My advice for prospective students is to focus on your work and be all about academics. Although it is great to get involved in extracurricular activities, your work should be the main focus.


People who want to focus of becoming successful in life and are not immature.


A person that like to live in a small town, not far from their home town. Also like a medium to large campus, a campus that is family like. the class room are smaller, every one know each and get alone like family. Enjoy the school enviroment and how the classes are taught. It is a fun place to spend you time while you are learning, and getting perpared for the future. When talking with people that has attended this school think that I made a good choice.


anybody can attend this school